Chrysler Sells 35% to Fiat for Nothing

By Rob Sturtz - January 20th 2009

Fiat Chrysler Merger

It looks like Chrysler is getting remarried! This time it's to an Italian bride. Fiat will be taking a 35% stake in Chrysler in exchange for no cash or stock. The Italian automaker (also owner of Ferrari and Maserati) will help Chrysler develop smaller cars and revamp their production techniques with the latest technologies. Chrysler will gain access to Fiat's European distribution network while offering up the Chrysler distribution channel in the US to help reintroduce both Alfa Romeos and Fiats.

Let's hope this marriage is better than Chrysler's last one to Daimler - that one ended in a bitter divorce after 10 years in 2007. For those who didn't figure it out, the above image is a what the Chrysler/Fiat baby will look like (2009 Dodge Ram 1500 and a Fiat Qubo).

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