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Every year numerous complaints are filed with the Better Business Bureau. One of the types of complaints that the Better Business Bureau receives are those related to consumers purchasing a “lemon.” The Online Etymology Dictionary explains that the word “lemon” is used to describe something that is “worthless” or a “disappointment”. If you are experiencing numerous issues with your vehicle this law may apply.

When the temperature outside starts to climb, your thoughts may immediately go to your car's air conditioning system, but you're not the only thing that needs to stay cool. Your engine also needs to stay cool. This means that summer is the perfect time to check the coolant system.

Who invented the first automobile? Well, it seems like just about everyone can be credited, but if you're looking at the steam-powered engine, that credit is due to Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot. It didn't look much like what most people would call a car. It had only three wheels and was severely lacking in chassis.

Attention all kiddos and families alike! Father's Day is right around the corner and let's face it: buying the perfect present for dad can be hard. I end up having to set aside some serious time browsing Google and Amazon, racking my brain for what on earth my dad would actually like. I'm stating the obvious, but dad deserves the best this year, so check out our favorite gift ideas for Father's Day below.

Everyone knows that regular maintenance is an important safety decision for your daily driver, but most don’t consider that regularly washing your car can be just as important! In some ways, this is obvious. Mirrors and windows, for example, can’t properly function for the driver when covered by road dust and mud...

Celebs are just like us right? Or maybe that’s just what they want you to think. For whatever reasons, some of the world’s most successful celebrities choose to drive affordable cars rather than getting behind the wheel of a motoring monument to their wealth. We at RepairPal have compiled a list that just might surprise you. Take a look.

The summer months are hard on the engines of cars. The extreme heat of summer causes wear on mechanical components of cars. Weather can also cause problems with tires, brakes and the engine. If you want your family to be safe on the summer road trips, it is important to do summer car maintenance.

Project Wreckless is a nonprofit based in San Francisco dedicated to providing tools for life for inner city youth. The organization takes at-risk young people in the area and instructs them on classic car restoration. The kids get to touch every aspect of the learning experience, from wrenching and welding to...

Most of us who drive don't even give the airbags in our vehicles a second thought. We know they're there and we especially hope we'll never have to see them. But what about the people whose lives they've saved? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, airbags have saved the lives of over 39,000 people from 1987 to 2012.

Every region has its own unique set of driving expectations and California is no exception. Though visitors may be uninformed, local drivers and law enforcement will still expect them to know how to follow the less than clear rules of the road.