How are Car Windshields or Car Glass different?

February 25, 2016

It looks like glass. It feels like glass. It tastes like glass. But is it just glass?

Imagine all the pieces...

We’ve all seen it. There’s the action movie where the hero jumps through a window as it shatters into a bajillion pieces. We know it’s just movie glass, but did you know the glass in your car is designed to shatter as well?

While they actively serve in keeping the wind out of your face, the glass (or, glazing) in your car is also there to keep you safe. Most household glass like drink-ware, bottles, or mirrors tend to shatter into large, jagged, hazardous pieces. But there are different kinds of glass in your vehicle that are designed specifically to break into tiny and nearly harmless pieces.

This element of safety, however, has been nearly a century in the making. As cars became more common on the open road, so did accidents. The next 100 years would phase in improvements aimed squarely at minimizing the dangers encountered in the car itself. Laminated glass, strengthened glass, urethane adhesives and continuous innovation in each of those fields and more bring us to the auto windshields and glass of today.

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