How should I Care for my Windshield, Windows, and Other Car Glass?

March 17, 2016

Gotta be able to see! What should you do?

Gas up, clean up!

Alright, so we’re at the gas station and it’s the usual ritual. Get out of the car, start the gas pump, pop the hood, check the oil, clean the front windshield, clean off the wipers, and the maybe do the rear glass or rear windshield for bonus points.

Are we missing anything?

Well, yes! While you’ve hit the main items, it’s important to check the door glass and mirrors on the rest of the car. While cleaning the door glass aids visibility, it also ensures that less dust and dirt gets down into the door when you lower the window, which can cause anything from a sticky window regulator to clogged door drains.

water on windshield

Is that a door or a fish tank?

Ever heard sloshing from your car after a heavy rain or a drive through wash? Yep, door drains might be a little clogged! Besides that, it also helps to clean off your windshield wipers. A dirty wiper will simply streak the water and dirt across your front glass, not the best for visibility. You’ll also want to make a habit of cleaning the glass inside your car as well. This helps prevent fogging and generally improves your ability to see, it all adds up!

Breathe easy!

Finally, if you do clean the car glass from the inside, be sure not to use household products that use ammonia, as the fumes (and especially the smell) are not the most pleasant or healthiest to breathe while you're driving along.

Need it fixed?

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