Acura ILX Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Acura ILX

Im looking for something really really fast that i can street race (on legal tracks). I also want it to be a smooth ride and comfortably fit 4 people in it with a good amount of backseat room. Are there any cars out there like this that would be around $12k or less?

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If the manual or power door lock is activated while an interior front door handle is being operated, the cable connecting the interior door handle to the door latch mechanism may become loose and move out of position. There is a possibility that the cable can move far enough out of position to prevent the door from properly latching. If the door is not fully latched, the door may open while driving or during a crash, increasing the risk of personal injury to the vehicle occupants. Dealers will replace the front door latch assemblies in the affected vehicles. Additionally, the interior front door handles in certain Honda CR-Vs will also be replaced to correct this concern. The Honda recall campaign numbers are S45/S46/S47.

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