My car wont start sometimes on 2007 Ford Taurus

In the mornings sometimes my car wont start what could be wrong? If you go back a hour or so later it starts everytime

by in Granbury, TX on September 20, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on September 21, 2009
An engine needs three basic things to start, mechanical integrity (the engine's components must be in synchronization with each other and the engine must be able to develop compression), the engine must get fuel injected into the cylinders (fuel must be injected into the engine ( there is a computer that takes inputs from many sensors on the engine, interprets these signals and decides when and how much fuel to inject into each cylinder) finally the engine needs spark to ignite the fuel injected into the engine, (the spark is also controlled by the vehicle's computer deciding when the spark arrive at the spark plug). If the components in the engine are not in synchronization due to a broken or "slipped" timing belt or chain the engine will not develop adequate compression to start and run properly. If any engine sensor has failed (crank angle sensor, camshaft position sensor, intake manifold pressure senor/air flow meter, coolant temperature sensor) any of these will cause the engine to fail to start by causing a loss of spark or fuel delivery. All these components need electricity to function, a failed fuse, relay, open or shorted electrical circuit could cause the computer, fuel pump or ignition system not to function. Unfortunately there are too many things that could cause your engine not to start to be able to pin point anything to specifically look for. Check for fuel and spark first. After that it is too difficult to speculate without being able to carry out some diagnostic tests.
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