My car wont start on 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis

My 2003 grand marquis wont start i replace the battery but it still wont start everything else in the car will cut on but it will not start.

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does the engine crank over??

no. and how will i know if its cranks ova
Can you heir the starter ingage and turn the engine over if the starter turns the engine over but the engine does not start then you have a different problem if you do not know then ask some one to watch the fan on the engine while you engage the key to start if it spins and not just moves slowly then the starter is turning the engine over or maybe you should just get some experianced help to listen to it.So we can help you.Then you are moving to possible crank sensor or fuel pump problem
Its not cranking over. Do you think i need a starter crank sensor and fuel pump.