my car won't start on 2003 Honda Accord

I was driving and then suddenly stop or lost power after I press the break on a stop light; then I try to jump start it but won't start either.

I test it with battery/alternator tester and battery was ok but whenever I start it the tester says flat or no charge, after awhile it regain charge again; I can't test the altenator cause it won't start; is it the starter, battery or alternator?


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I hope you have checked that the battery connections are clean tight and secure. With a voltmeter with the battery at rest no loads or ignition "on" the battery should read 12.6 volts on the voltmeter. Get a friend to turn the ignition switch to the start position and see if the voltage drops that would indicate the starter is trying to take voltage. Honda had a recall on failed ignition potion of the ignition switch (relatively cheap and east to replace).
If the ignition switch is good
At the ignition switch the white wire always should have battery voltage, in the accessory position the white/red wire should have battery voltage , in the run position the black/yellow and black/red wire also become live, only in the start position does the white/black send power to the starter.