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1995 Toyota Camry Question: My car wont start

Hey! My car won't start. It doesn;t have sparks. I've changed the distributor.I put a brend new one. Now it starrts and work only 10 min and then it dies. when its hot. it wont start. The mechanic sait that it might be a relay problem but he is not sure. Can you please help me out. Thanks -
Answer 1
After you replaced the distributor, and ran the car for 10 mins did you check for spark? If no spark, Did you replace the coil when you replaced the distributor? If you did not, I would check the coil for any cracks on the body. If you replaced the coil with the distributor then you should check the coil igniter AFTER the the 10 mins because if you test when the system is cold it will check out good. -
Comment 1
Thanks for shareing. Yes I chaNGED the distributor. It has sparks when its cold. but when its hot. it doesnt have sparks. Can you tell me where the coil ignitor is??? -
Comment 2
It is located on top of the coil. It a square box -
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