Windshield Wiper Motor

The windshield wiper motor supplies the motion to operate the windshield wipers. It also includes a sensor that helps “park” the wipers in the proper position when they are turned off.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Windshield Wiper Motor

  • Wipers may only work at one speed, not at all, or only intermittently
  • Wipers may stop in the middle of the windshield when turned off

Windshield Wiper Motor Related Repair Advice

  • During replacement, a quality shop will inspect, lubricate, and torque all of the components of the wiper linkage. Adjustment of the wiper arms and replacement of the wiper blades may also be necessary.
  • The wiper control switch, wiper control unit, wiring, or broken linkage components can all behave like a failed wiper motor. Failure to properly inspect these items during the diagnosis may lead to the unnecessary replacement of the wiper motor.

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