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Volkswagen Vanagon (4 Reviews)
Van does not run. Injectors are not functioning properly. Does run if ether or gas is sprayed into air intake. Not sure the problem.
My family loves this Vanagon. We go camping all over the west coast and it suits all our needs. We have almost 200,000 miles on her, and the kids are getting older so we may need to get another vehicle soon but we'll miss her. Except for the time the alternator failed when we were in Yosemite, it hasn't left us stranded! My hubby does all the work on it so it stays in good shape!
My VW Vanagon had to have the cylinder heads replaced and the water pump too. The cylinder heads were pitted and leaking coolant, very expensive repair! Other than those problems it's been reliable and it offers a unique driving experience!
Actually -- I drive a Westfalia -- and despite the cost of repairs which must assumed with maintaining one of these beauties -- there is no other form of transport like them! If you love the outdoors -- yet hate to cram tents into hatchbacks -- this is the ultimate answer. It is fun to drive once you have the feel of it and offers many of the comforts of an RV -- without the 50,000 cost. But do be prepared to hunt for one -- do study up. And do expect to spend several thousand on a regular basis to get it restored unless you are buying an already refurbished angel. Gas milage is better than one might think for such a large camper. I get 18 on an average day. But think about investing in a turbo-biodiesel rebuild... FUN! More than a van -- more than a camper -- really the best of what we all came to the planet for (hear the ex-hippie in me?) -- freedom to get up go at a moment's notice (I keep mine stocked and so don't have to plan ahead and spend a whole day getting camping gear ready) -- closeness to nature -- relative affordablity compared to "lodges" or rented cabins or RVs -- and yet a heck of a lot more comfort than sleeping on the ground in the rain! Happy adventures to you.. OceanHope.