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Volkswagen Touareg (13 Reviews)
dealers do not stock any parts,not even a lightbulb which takes 2 wks to get and $20. went on a trip and was stranded in another state because nobody stocks any parts for vw,not even dealers. spoiled our trip and was very expensive. took over a week to repair an alternator which should have been an easy fix. will not ever buy a vw product again.
I own Touareg 2004. Great car with high maintenance cost. Any visit to Work shop cost more $1000 ( of course other then regular fuel change etc).
I own a 2004 Touareg, loaded and only serviced by VW since new. I would not expect a vehicle at this price to have so many problems. I would not buy another. If you are going to buy used and it has not been serviced by VW, I would recommend staying away from it as the expense is great to own. At this price range the options are many.
My wife owns this vehicle for a year or so and she felt in love at first site until it started "visiting" the mechanic WAY too often for the same problem over and over again. Cannot shift form PARK. Many parts have been replaced, it works for a while and AGAIN same problem. Also locked us out recently at a shopping mall. Could not get it open neither with the remote nor with the key as it has only one possible way to get in: driver's side. Nothing at the trunk or nobody could find a way to get into the damn SUV.
Don't ask my wife about this vehicle because she will say NEVER AGAIN, sorry Volskwagen...!!!
2008 and up Touareg's have numerous newly designed parts and so forth, and I am finding my 2008 Touareg (also called Touareg 2) is living up to the re-engineering. VR6 engine, overall driving experience, and interior are overall in excellent shape and performance at 50K miles. Great vehicle to buy as 3-5 year old certified preowned, with option to purchase extended warrenty afterwards, and reasonable price. Hard to find TDI versions because its obvious they hold their already higher value, even longer, and owners are obviously not selling them means something. Best to find a VW dealer which also sells Porsche and Audi because they will have more experience with this SUV, and treat your Touareg right.
Great overall and I sold these in the Valley for a while so I know some inside gouge. The "Soft Touch" treatment looks great at first but does peel and looks bad after a few years. All major mechanical issues (rear diff locker and Xcase motor) were fixed under warranty with improved parts. Lost the A/C blower a few months ago but a very easy fix (DiY). A/C system leaves a bit to be desired in hot climates. Get harder compound tires like BFGs else you'll pay big every 30k. 98k miles and strong with the V6 gas engine. Avg. mileage is 20 highway, 16 in town. Not as bad as it could be but looking for a 2010 V6TDI to replace it. Unfortunately, this vehicle was lost on most of the USA's driving public. VW poured a TON of tech and research into it and most of the rubes driving it could care less. It'll whip a Land Rover and any quasi SUV Acura, Infinity or the other posers put out. The 45 degree climb/descend and the 30 degree off-camber ability is scary to be in when you do. Not even most hard core Jeep guys have 3 diff lockers on their modded rides! It's a beast and for what you get, the value is INSANE! Cast door hinges, (not stamped metal) triple watertight door seals, wax flooded panels to prevent rust, aerodynamic NACA venting on the lower panel and a turning radius like a shopping cart. The list goes on. 2011 saw a dumbing down consistent with the rest of the VW line. Not as cool but cheaper. Viva la Touareg!
I own 04 Touareg V8 fully loaded w/Air Susp/Nav/Heated seats & upscale radio/CD charger. For 6 yrs now, am still loving the air ride,the music and overrall design of this SUV, my children loved it since day one. No reasons for change inspite of it's expensive maintainances unfortunately at the dealer here in MD. I will buy this car again & again any time. Am considering to up grade to the newer 2011 Touareg or her bigger sister,Cayenne.
Anyway, the new potential monthly payment alone on these babies are scary when you think of it.
Stay safe to you all Touareg Lovers

LOVE my Toureg! Yes, the tires do wear down quickly because of the weight of the vehicle. I have also replaced the pads (2x) and rotors with only 51K miles. However, because of the weight this SUV drives through impossible snow with hardly a slip. With this being the snowiest winter in the NY/NJ area in history, I have never felt safer and more secure than in this Toureg. The size of the cargo area is adequate. My real complaint - it is nearly impossible to fold down the rear seats to place large objects in the cargo area. And, getting them to snap back in place is just as frustrating. All-in-all I would buy this vehicle again in a heart-beat.
Worst car I have ever owned. Numerous manufacturing and design defects. VERY expensive to maintain and repair, terrible gal mileage. Spent 19 days at the dealership the first year, and still like to visit regularly. Some things are great, as they should be for a car that cost close to $50,000 in 2004. Electronics are particularly crappy.
After 46,000 miles this SUV lived at the dealers. They replace the front power seats, E Brake pedal, engine computer, cooling fans, they could fix the windows and power sunroof opening on their own often in the rain, radio never worked right and got poor reception. We had a 80,000 mile lease for 3 years which we had had on our prior SUV but because Touareg was so unreliable we never took it far from the dealership. Prior to the Tourareg we had a Infinity FX45 which went 87,000 miles and never saw the dealer.
Great car, two detractions - The button controls covering and the tpms costs too much to replace after 5 years
Great vehicle. Very heavy, therefore goes through tires quickly. Electrical/computer systems a bit temperamental and give you warnings when nothing is wrong. Other than that, very happy after 50K miles!
They made as close to perfect as I could hope for. But for the price they should have done more research on the longevity of the soft touch rubber button covers. Additionally during either brake assist or traction control it feels as though the vehicle is moving forward (as though it is under power) but my pressure on the excelorator is either constant or decreasing. This sensation is felt during extreme slow turns while on incline