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Volkswagen Rabbit (2 Reviews)
Buyer Beware!!! we bought a 2009 Volkswagen Rabbit (new) and have had trouble from the beginning. The brakes always squeeked and Smeltz Countryside Volkswagen could never find the problem. Our tire light came on and off and recently, we found out we needed a new engine at 70,000 miles. This dealership sold us a LEMON!! They also told us we needed a new sensor which we ok'd and the cost was $500.00. After the sensor was replaced they told us the engine was bad and it would cost $7,000 BUT before they could confirm it was the engine we needed to pay them $1,000.00 so we paid it. Our car left Smeltz Countryside Volkswagen on a tow truck non drivable and we had to pay them $1,500.00. They couldn't even put the engine back together unless we paid an additional $300.00. Is this normal? I feel ripped off!!!
So far I am extremely satisfied with this car. Great engine, steering, breaks and transmission. The gas mileage is good given the relatively large engine (5 cylinder, 2.5L). It is very quiet on hwy and has a great sound when pushed above 3,000 rpms. Still no technical problems after 30,000 miles. The scheduled service was very cheap (around $150-200 on average) for each service interval and they were done at a VW dealership.