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Volkswagen Golf (14 Reviews)
I own a VW golf4.I had keeped it in garage for several years.After I installed a new battry it doesent start.Ignation seems ok but no gas in the engine.I tooked off the gas return pipe and it is dry.Car hase only 5 thousand miles so nothing wear out and last time I started it wasn't any problem wit it.
May gasoline get too old i filled up several years ago or pump get plugged?
Can help me someone? Only car i have and didn't used for long illness.
i bought VW Golf 6 model 2011
have a problem in Transmisson DsG 7 . and i try to repair it many timebut its not useful.

It's the worst possible car chosen
after the temp indicator reach 90 degrees , the coolent boiling i do not why.
plz advice me about what could couse that ?
........ water pump , fan speed or that is normal with this model ?
I've had my 92 vw golf for 12 years, it's the best vehicle I ever had, aside from the normal upkeep (oil changes, tires, etc.) very little repair work needed on it.
the fuel pump in my golf doesn't close right so the gas spills out and the whole car smells like gasoline. can somebody tell me how to fix it?
I own a '94 Golf MK 3 1.9 TD, GL pacage, I love the car, it's still in good shape, plastic interior is better even from half of the new cars on the market, handels very good, good design overall, and a lot of space to play with tuning
This car is a must to maintain. Not just your regular oil changes but you also need to make sure to keep every electrical connection nice and clean or check engine light will start going off everywhere. After you do this car runs excellent. Changed too many goot sensors not realizing it was connections. Changed all wiring and now keep everything clean, Once a month. Car runs great after this.
The car runs well and gets me around rather well, however, it has a lot of little problems that tend to build up over time. The exterior is poorly constructed and the styling is constantly falling off. Also, I've had problems with the outer locks and latches of the doors. A decent car, but don't expect to be blown away.
my golf hss 202,000 miles on it and the engine still runs strong the only problem with it is the brake switch breaks other then that it is a great car
This is my first and last Volkswagon. Bought it at 80,000 miles. Engineered great, but built like crap. 10,000 miles later: had to replace alternator, belt tensioner, brake line hose came out of its holder and rubbed up against the caliper spilling brake fluid all over, moonroof leaked water, after tearing apart I found out that two of the four drain hoses to the moonroof came out of their holders and were pouring water directly into the car flooding the floorboards. Other volkswagon owners I know have sludge build up in their engines between oil changes in addition to their engines burning oil. I also have had to replace a taillight, something I have never had to do in any car I have ever owned. I have owned a Toyota, Ford, and VW, oddly enough the Ford was the best car I have ever owned; go figure.
Bought the car used with 120,000 for $3,500. So far I've encountered no problems other than replacing a front wheel bearing(127,000). The transmission is tight and the engine has a lot of life left in it.
Solid car for the money. Terrific brakes, great premium sound system. If you try to change the head lights yourself - do a google search, not that easy - follow the directions to the letter.
2000 VW Golf, TDI - July 2009, 211K miles and going but not without some issues. Low ratings on Electrical & Lights due to the cracked headlight connector and the constant need to replace the headlight bulbs probably due to overheating. Low rating on A/C due to the fact that I haven't had A/C for the past 5-years and don't have the cash to get it fixed. Love the MPG, I average 51 miles per gallon and get over 775 miles per tank. Replacing the timing belt and associated hardware every 60K miles is a 6-8 hour job in the home garage and saves around $1,100 each time but worth the trouble to save the cash. Don't try this unless you have the talent and the tools, it's not like changing a fan belt!

The car drives great, pulls strong and loves the hills and highways. It wants a 6th gear real bad. Around town it drives like a slot car, quick, peppy and agile. I'd buy another.
Purchased new, Nov 2004. Some minor repair issues (headlight replacement, driver seat malfunction, radio malfunction, all covered by bumper to bumper 50000 mile, 4 year warranty. Love the car, love the 40 to 50 mpg since purchase. I'm probably going to keep it due to up and down fuel costs.