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Volkswagen EuroVan (10 Reviews)
My 95 Euro Van has a badly cracked pop top. It has been repaired twice for small cracks but now it is cracked across the top. What are my options? thank you
I bought my '93 Eurovan GL Automatic brand new in late '92, made in Germany and one of the first to be delivered to SoCal. Fortunately, I also bought a 7 yr. 70K mi. warranty, because I would end up needing service DOZENS of times, which would otherwise have exceeded by multiples the cost of the warranty, even though I scrupulously maintained it for scheduled maintenance. Now, at just over 100K miles, this van has been in the shop over 70 times, and every time it seems the dealers messed up something else. Of course, I stopped going to the dealers because too costly. Besides being underpowered, noisy, top heavy, and uncomfortable, it has been the worst car I've ever owned in terms of servicing, worse than anything I could imagine, a real LEMON. Charging system doesn't keep battery charged even though alternator replaced twice, overheated numerous times and one cooling fan failed, oil cooler leaked oil into cooling system, front axle replaced, cat converter replaced, 3 out of 5 locks incl. ignition switch glove box and rear hatch went bad, BOTH electric windows went bad TWICE, speedometer odometer and gas gauge failed, AC major service, transmission now leaks badly and sometimes sticks in 2nd gear, and the list goes on and on. I wouldn't give this POS away to my worst enemy. Next stop: junkyard.
My 6th vw, 2beetles, 2 vanogans and now my 2nd eurovan. 2003, 89000 miles, easy but around town miles. have the 4th transmission being installed as I write. windshield almost fell out while driving, the weather stripping started looking 'funny' then went down hill in about a month! went to buy new tires and was told size discontinued!(third set) brakes have been done three times. all services have been done, car lives in garage, one owner. I think this is my last vw. Mac. p.s. How many tranny problems?????
Purchased 2003 Weekender new, this is our second Eurovan. The van has performed flawlessly! We had a temp sensor and a tie rod go out. Other than those two items, we have just done regular wear items. Needs brakes and tires every 3 to 4 years. We use it 3-4 times a year on major road trips, skiing etc. I also use full synthetic oil at specified intervals. The weak point from what I hear, are the transmissions, I have been getting the fluid changed in the transmission once a year regardless of mileage.
I bought my 2002 Eurovan brand new in November 2001 and I love it, and everyone that has experienced loved it. I can't understand why VW of America stop importing the Eurovan, which is a very popular vehicle. The new one is called Van Panamericana and is available in Europe and I think Canada. I will love to buy the new one, which is a little longer and has more updated features.
i own a 93 standard trans eurovan mv.
i cant figure out why the coolant light flashes but i love my van!
I order my 1993 Eurovan MV 8 months before initial delivery to the states was scheduled. It has a manual 5speed transmission with 5 cylinder 2.5l engine. It has 230,000 miles and is going strong. Normal repairs on the running gear but the engine and transmission have never been opened. Superb vehicle for camping or work. It averages 25 to 27mpg after I replaced exhaust system with a Magnaflow muffler. Only downside is that it now sounds like a well running deisel when idling.
I'm now driving my second Eurovan. The first one I bought as a 2003 leftover off the lot. I owned it three month before getting t-boned by a 16 year old. The impact pushed the pillar in one foot into the cabin and knocked the wheels off the passenger side. I went out and hunted down probably the last new one in the Northeast.
AC went, but VW replaced it. Very reliable, but little annoyances came up at about 50K miles. Interior trim started falling off/breaking. Minor problem with blinker. Other than that, I'm lovin it and hoping to drive it into the ground many years from now. No "minivan" compares, and the Touran is an embarassment of a younger sibling.
I own a 2003 EuroVan and I absolutely love it. It is big, very convenient (I have 3 kids) and it manages to move my whole family for a 2-week vacation by the beach with very little effort. It also has a relatively good mileage - 20 mpg on expresway fully loaded with cargo carrier. Maintenance, although not cheap has been only on wear and tear items. I have put about 50K mi in less than 4 years and the vehicle now has 73K mi... All I have done is changed tires and breaks once and put on new exhaust system. I do change oil regularly and use synthetic oil.
I've not actually owned a Eurovan but I've worked on them for years and years as a technician at the VW dealer.The majority of the issues are maintenance items such as brake pad and rotor replacement , some coolant leaks and occasional electrical issues including check engine lights. Nothing really dificult to resolve.
The owners love these cars for their utility , and space.I see them used for camping trips , day to day family "shuttle" and all around city vehicle.
They are large vehicles and most of the wear and tear is related to that.
Just my impressions as a non-owner......