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I have a 2009 vw cc. LOVED IT! Fast, beautiful my perfect car. It now has 98,000 miles on it. Warning!!! The arm that hold the timing chain broke, my chain jumped and it bent the valves in my engine. It was going to cost me 6 grand to get another engine with 90,000 miles installed. Found a person to replace the valves for 1500.00. He works on vw all the time and has for years. He told me that is a common issue around 90,000 miles. That arm breaks, the chain jumps and the valves bend. So if you have one, or are contemplating getting one it may be a good idea to have it replaced around 90,000 miles just to be safe. It will save you a lot of money and headache in the long run. (It also happened with my sisters vw at around 90,000 miles.)
Bought the car brand new back in 2013. After a couple of months, I had to replace a window regulator to the rear passenger door because it was making grinding noises. Fortunately, the repair was covered under warranty. Then, I noticed the car drifted a bit to the right. Ended up having to do an alignment.

The DSG transmission is very smooth during up shifts but jerks quite a bit at down shifts. The interior rattles and squeaks. The brakes feel squishy. The accelerator is sensitive. A slight touch and the car jerks forward. Driving experience is decent. Not too much wind noise, but road noise is noticeable, especially with 18 inch wheels. Steering is light at low speed and stiffens up during high speed to prevent over correction. When turning the car, I can hear the steering wheel's electric motor whine. The stock Continental tires aren't that good. I recommend replacing them with Yokohama YK580 when it's time to replace the tires. I notice the ride quality improved after replacing them with the Yokohamas.

Got my first recall notice a couple of years later, 2015. Something with a faulty steering wheel clock spring which could disable the airbag and prevents it from deploying in an accident. Second recall notice was the Takata SDI driver airbag. Contacted my local VW dealer and they said there's a 3 week backlog. As of this review, still waiting for the part.

Other electrical & engine problems started happening about 3 years of ownership. The front passenger window won't drop when opening the door, causing the window to catch the rubber seal. Technician said the micro switch on the door handle will need replacement. A couple of months ago, one of the HID bulbs burned. I had to replace that. A couple of weeks later, the engine speed sensor malfunctioned causing the car to go into limp mode. Three weeks after replacing the engine sensor, the engine water pump failed and started leaking. I also had to replace it (costly repair). Last week, I saw an AFS warning on the console and the light bulb indicator went on. Ended up replacing a burned out bulb for the cornering lamp. A few days ago, I noticed the engine ran rough during a cold startup. The engine indicator flashed and stayed on. Noticeable drop in power and gas mileage. Took my car to a VW mechanic and he said it's carbon build up. I had to clean the intake manifold. The technician said this usually happens at around 60K miles but my car only has 44K miles. I'm always filling up with 91 octane gas and Castrol full synthetic oil as recommended. Now, I just notice a small crack on the side plastic cover on the driver's chair (above the control buttons).

As of today, 5/17/2017, I had to replace the turbo diverter valve and the oil separator on the PCV. And now it's possible that my turbo is going bad because it makes this loud high pitched whistle noise during acceleration.

Welp ladies and gents after reading all of the reviews I felt compelled to share. I purchased 2012 Volkswagon CC with 29k miles..,certified pre owned. Everything seemed to going well with the car until the tires started feathering and making noise. Swapped them out for another set of continental tires and the problem still existed. Finally purchased versado noir tires for this vehicle and they are simply amazing!!! No road noise. Etc etc.. Now on to what drove me to write this review. Engine misfire. Initially my mechanic thought it was the spark plugs so I swapped out all 4 thinking it solve the issue. Not a chance. Check engine light back on within a week. Fuel injector failure.....Cylinder #3. Warranty Repair covered up to 120k miles. Dealer only replaced 1 but one would think they would have replaced all 4 injectors instead of 1 considering this is the common complaint on the CC. In addition. The dealer recommended a carbon clean to the tune of $450....why? If the warranty cover this cost to replace the injector why jack up the price when you already have the manifold out of the car!!!!! Wtf, I declined the due to cost and feeling taken advantage of. BIG mistake.... Two weeks later check engine light back on and as soon as I walk in they said. "See I told you get the injectors cleaned but now it's going cost you 1k for the repair versus the original $450 we quoted. Not willing to accept defeat and the new found expensive price I reached out to Vw customer customer and they and became my advocate to help me negotiate a much cheaper price. Final cost $300 plus the my original diagnostic investment. Overall, from what I've read I don't think Ive experienced that last of misfires and check engine light. I'm seriously Considering walking away before my car reaches 60k miles. Moral of this story if your think the dealer is treating you unfairly report them Vw customer care and let them fight your battles. Btw, did I mention I've had to replace multiple headlight and trunk bulbs....ugh.b lol

If anyone reads this review pls take heed to the comments and consider buying a different vehicle. Might save you stress, anxiety and money in the long run over misfire repairs.
I am looking to purchase a CC Sport 2012 this weekend with 90k miles on it. Am I making a mistake????
My 6spd manual 2012 CC now has 125k miles on it and going strong. A few key maintenance events outside the typical. Hoping to get another year out of it. I follow the "standard" VW maintenance schedule (but not always at the dealership depending on the services)

- 55000, 5/9/13, new Michelin Pilot Sport tires

- 73913, 11/22/13, Sudden EPC, rough engine, MIL. Replaced faulty cylinder #2 coil and all spark plugs

- 74110, 12/7/13, Sporadic rear lamp function. Replace trunk wiring harness

- 81000, 2/20/14, Replace manifold due to vacuum leak, check engine light (under warranty)

- 115000, 3/17/15, Replace tires with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3

- 121827, 5/15/15, Sudden EPC and MIL (no other symptoms), high pressure fuel pump parts and labor ($689). Also, front/rear shocks starting to leak per dealership.
I own a 2010 CC bought new which has had multiple problems in and out of warranty. The engine flywheel had to be replaced because of a noise with my manual transmission. My intake manifold was replaced once under warranty and again later out of warranty because of a sensor failure. Despite using only premium fuel, the engine valves needed to be cleaned manually after two different types of induction cleaning failed. The main engine seal then went and flooded my transmission. This meant that I needed to fix the seal and change the clutch. Now I am unable to fill the gas tank with fuel because the venting system failed and the car is currently in the shop getting a new gas tank. And yes, I've also had the problem with tires that cup and start making noises.
I have had my 2011 VW CC and I am now over 80,000 on it. I brag about my CC as the most reliable, dependable car I have had. I plan on buying another. Sure there were minor issues on the way but maybe its the dealership and the way they handle their customers that I remain with my CC and the service department at the dealer. I plan on keeping her a little longer. Its a shame that we never know what we get with a car but I lucked out with this girl. Always complimented with her!
Oil is leaking out under passenger door on rocker panel. Reported to Volkswagen service and they said nothing to worry about. I'm concerned and it's on the paint.
At 62K miles the engine light came on. I took it to my local mechanic who diagnosed the problem as carbon buildup on the valves which they said that the intake manifold would have to be removed and the valves cleaned manually which they were not equipped to do. I took the cc to the VW dealer, they said the same thing and quoted me $300 to do an induction service (BG) or remove the intake manifold and manually clean the valves. They explained to me that this 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine has direct fuel injection into the combustion chamber so no fuel is flowing over the valves to keep them clean. The quote to do this was $800. I went to VW HQS and plead my case. They suggested i try the induction service and if it didn't work to call them back. This is what I did and the induction service didn't work so I went back to VW Hqs and they agreed to credit me the cost of the induction service towards the valve cleaning which I went ahead and had done. Total price $800 minus the credit of $300, it cost me $500. The dealer tried to tell me this problem in the fault of the poor gas quality but my opinion is that it is a design flaw and VW did not test the engine long enough for this problem to show up. There has to be a volume of owners out there experiencing the same problem. So if the group is large enough maybe someone can get something done to get VW to acknowledge the problem and reimburse us for this expense repair and engineer a fix for the future.
2009 cc lux 2 litre turbo bought new. Now > 4 years, with 53K on odometer. Only issues - Each rear bulb (4) needed replacement - easy enough to do thankfully. Interesting that after replacing with aftermarket bulbs no burnout issues. Also had one front headlight replaced by dealer @ $40. Original Continental tires (self sealing) became very noisy with wear and needed replacement at 40K. Replaced with Michelins and highly recommend for quieter, better ride and handling. Otherwise a solid car and a pleasure to get into and drive (when I can get it away from wife).
Like one of the previous posters, I love my 2010 CC but find that I am CONSTANTLY replacing bulbs on this car. During my warranty period, the dealer often took care of them but now that I'm out of warranty, I'm on my own. I have a headlight (dip beam?) that is out. I made my appointment on Friday for service on Monday. Over the weekend, a brake light and another rear light went out. And that has been the story of this car. Fix one and another goes out and then another. Are the bulbs that bad or is this a symptom of the electrical system?
I bought my CC new in February of 2010 and it now has 136,000 miles on it. It is a blast to drive, has great power and handles like a jewel. I have had a major issue with the tires thought. I am now on my sixth set of tires. I have had three different types of tires installed, I've had it aligned three times. The car drives and handles great but with each set the tires start to howl like mud grips after the second rotation. This is a company vehicle and I'm required to follow the manufacturers suggested maintenance so the tires have been rotated every 10,000 miles with the oil. This is very frustrating because I love driving this car.
I have a 2012 VW CC, which is one year old, and mechanically I have not had any real issues. I did have a tire pressure sensor go bad, but that was repaired. I rotate my tires every 5K and they are wearing perfectly. I have not had to balance the tires as there is absolutely no vibration to warrant that need. In years past with other cars I have had I have had to balance my tires at every rotation. I am amazed with the VW.

My real issue has been with plastic on plastic squeaks in the center console. After many attempt so repair my console squeaks, I now have dash squeaks that replace the console squeaks. The squeaks are improved, but not perfect, and I do have concern they will return and might be weather related. If not for these squeaks I'd have a perfect car. If the squeaks return I am going to have to play hard ball on this issue.
Just bought a 2010 cc LUX from a noted downtown dealer ,only 14,898 miles drove it 80 miles and enging broke down .Took back to dealer,s shop and they said it is a fuel injector leak that caused the problem, Ive read some other comments regarding this car and they are not cool I need some imput if not I,m go na return the car to the dealer. I had the caronly two days when problem occured BF
have a 2013 volkswagon cc 5 months old and 6000 miles on it that is at the dealership now because the epc light ,check engine light and battery light came on and left me stranded 3 times this weekend... had towed to dealer ... will know tomorrow what happened
The suspension on these cars has an engineering problem. I bought the car new and at 30K all 4 tires were cupping and the dealer failed to bring this to my attnention at 10K service, 3 times. I took it back to the dealer and he said that the tires were the problem. I went to my mechanic and he checked the 4 wheel alignment and said that it appears the alignment was wrong when I bought the car. I went directly to VW and they agreed to replace 2 tires and I replaced the other 2 at my expense. In looking thru the internet it seem a lot a VW CC owners are having the same problem
Anybody experience annoying rubbing sound coming from front end when vehicle makes left/right turn when the vehicle is wet from rain or other moisture. So far dealership replaced both left/right axles and CV joints and boot. Dealership cannot figure out problem after seven visits to dealership. Oh yeah the car only has 2800 miles on it.
wow most of all problems I hear from you guys makes me feel lucky, I have 1 very annoying issue that drives me up the wall, only because I love my music to keep me sane with all the road rage going on. AM or FM cuts out very frequent like I would be going through tunnels like Lawrey Tunnel in MPLS Minn. this happens any where anytime no tunnels in sight. VW Burnsville has replaced whole radio and power booster. no change and VW believes it station problem!!I have a 2012
VW CC lux model. any suggestions ??
i have taken this car with only 3000 miles to the repair shop(dealership) 7 times because the freon leaks out and hot air comes out of the dash board vent. I was told that they will not replace the ac...i just have to wait for it to run its course and eat through all the hoses which they are happy to replace. Love the car but very dissapointed so far in customer service
Owned since new Apr 2009. Two rear tail lights replaced. Everything else has been perfect. Conti tires are getting noisy and need replacement (at 40K miles). Highway mileage over 34mpg if kept under 75 mph on a trip. Use 89 octane gas in place of premium with little effect on drivability.
I have the VW CC 2012. I purchased it last summer in September. It's now July of 2012 and the air conditioning system has failed TWICE. Our dealer has been great on the repairs. I believe the freon is leaking out and the cause is a leaky valve. Has anyone else had this problem or their new CC VW? There have been no recalls on the car as far as I know.
You fall in love with the styling, then you discover the reality of the mechanical side, over time. Overall, quite good to date. Bought my CC Sport with std. 2.0T 6-spd. A/T used with under 10K for a good price. Aside from the suspension which jars you awake over sharp bumps and a persnickety heater, the car has driven and performed extremely well. Those with automatics will want to check with the dealer for a flow value fix that apparently corrects the very low speed repetitive lurching particularly from a stop to slow acceleration. Just had it done today, will report back. Std. Continental tires seem to be wearing a bit fast, tho evenly. Overall, it's one sexy head-turner... and cheaper than a mistress.
Took my CC in for the recall and two weeks later my battery died. After paying 170 for a new battery plus service, two months later, the battery died yet again. There were no light left on in the car. Not pleased at all with this issue. I've had several Nissans and not once did a battery die.
Before i got my cc i had a 05 jetta and i never had to replace the tail lights but after having my cc for 6 months the right tail light went out the dealership charged me $40 bucks to replace it then about 2 days after that the left one went out so i went to auto zone and bought bulbs for like $5 bucks and fixed it my self and now about 3 months later the right one is out again im really not sure what the problem is and why they are burning out so fast but its pretty annoying also just recently my airbag light came on i have no idea why ive never been in an accident or messed with the motor
I bought this car in July 2009. I have had nothing but problems with it. I have had all the routine maintenance on this car. At the 20k mile maintenance, I got the car back and it broke down on me & left me stranded. I had to have it towed back to Vw. They replaced the #3Fuel injector. Then at 30k miles, sure enough got it back and again I had the same problem. Broke down, and again had it towed back to Vw. They again replaced the #3 Fuel Injector. I have switched dealerships for service & now drive 15miles out of my way to the next closest Vw dealership for service. I also have had to replace my tires on this car twice. My car started to get super noisy at 21k miles & I took it in to the dealership & an independent repair shop to make sure I was getting the same story. My tires were feathering and cupping on the inside. I finally replaced the tires at 34k miles & had an alignment performed. Sure enough 8k miles later the noise was back. same problem my tires were feathering & cupped. Finally 5k miles later after I couldn't take the noise, I replaced the tires again and I also had another alignment. It gets better.. The day I pick my car up from service my engine light comes on. Back to the dealership again... This time its the Intake Control Valve/Intake Manifold. In the 2 1/2 years I have owned this car it has been in the shop more then I have driven it. & my last minor issues is the bulbs in the tail lights seem to go out continuously. I actually keep replacement bulbs in my trunk. I have also had to replace a headlamp bulb!
After - Reading and Thinking about all the Idiots - that don't
Look after Their Car in the Proper Manner ! I Thought I'll Ad some Insight .
1. First Always have VW do all the Aligments and Adjustments in the First 15,000 miles Period !
2. Always Torque the Wheels Lighter then Recommended , Why ?
Look It Up there is a Difference between Tq. Dry & Tq Wet = Grease
You better have Grease on all Hubs ,Behind all Rotors Hats, and
all Lugs.
3. If the Rotors are Warped and Your Pads still have 55% - which My Pads do at 70,000 miles Your Rotors are Cover !
Why ? As they are Engineered to NOT WARP ! / Got It !
4. If Your Battery Died it's only because Grounds and Battery Clamp Straps Loosened Up ! Why mostly all the Heat & Cooling Cycles ! Period - Then When You go to get a Battery Checked Out
The Tech is More then Happy to Remove the Battery from Your POCKET - Idiot ! Why ? Don't Believe these Service Writers !
5. Tires - like most Disposable items that come on Cars today -
those Parts are not the Best - so Get Great Tires as there
Cheap Insurance - My Conti's Exstreams DWS all seasons went
50,000 miles and I got 1 alignment ( New ) & 2 Rotations during
Life .
6. Plugs - Best Plugs $40.00 Bucks and Did those Myself !
VW CC - VW wanted $175.00 --- LOL

After 10,000 miles on my 2010 CC, the car acted like it was in neutral after making a right turn. I took it in and they said there was some kind of recall. After having 19,000 miles on it, it happened again. This time they told me they forgot to set a transmission factory setting. Having the car now a year and a half (30,000 miles) I was told my front tires needed to be replaced and that I needed an alignment. Less than a month later, my battery died (they only cover up to 24,000 miles). Now I've noticed that when I'm driving on a curve it feels like my back end is not following behind me (feels like it wiggles or something). This is the most I've spent on a car and couldn't be more disappointed.
I have a 2009 volkswagon CC and the tires have been a nightmare. Replaced initial tires at 45,000 miles and now after 10,000 miles tires are cupping. VW no help said did not get it realigned in timely manner. Two sets of tires with the same problem and alignment problems don't cause cupping!Team Volkswagon of Indiana thinks people are stupid and would never get another car there again. Something is definitely wrong with this car and need to find a dealer I can trust. Had wheel bearing changed and probably did not even need this. Love the look of my car but the ride is terrible and would not recommend this car.
While I love the peppiness and look of my CC, I noticed (and included it in my JD Powers Survey) that the car very occassionally "hesitated" on acceleration. It happened while merging into traffic from on-ramps at about 0-5mph trying to merge. Car would halt momentarily and then jerk forward. The first two times it happened, it immediately corrected itself. I took it in to the VW dealership for it's first check and they couldn't find anything wrong. Next incident happened a month later and was far scarier, the car jerked to a stop 3x on acceleration to merge and I almost got hit by another car. Made an appointment to bring it in, but before my appointment, I was stopped at a red light and the car stalled when I tried to go when it turned green. Subsequent attempts to start the car were successful, but the car stalled every time I tried to put the car in gear. It's currently at a dealership and they can not identify the problem though they have repeated the symptom. The car was purchased new, with 2 miles on it, and currently has a 3889 miles on it. This is why I can't rate the drive train, engine or electrical at this point.
Have had my 2010 CC for 15 are ruined. At the 20K rotation, I was told no unusual wear (they did not show me, just told me...they also did not make that note on their report). At 30K rotation I was told that I had uneven wear and needed all four wheels aligned, but not to worry, I had plenty of tread, but my car was going to be noisy for awhile!!! The car now sounds like a tank. Upon some independent research and homework I have eliminated all elements that I can find to blame this wear (cupped tires, all four inside) on alignment. Actually had an alignment (on machine) and was told I did not need an alignment, it was a suspension problem. So I went to a suspension suspension problem, only junk tires. VW Dealer would not perform an alignment evaluation (to generate a report) unless I paid for it, but told me that I absolutely needed all 4 wheels aligned. (The wear pattern does not support). Long story short, after days and hours of my personal time, the neutral parties have concluded that these tires are not spec'd properly for this vehicle. This will be a battle I am sure. Next...worst HVAC system I have ever had in a car. If it's really cold out, it takes forever for the vehicle to heat up. Once it's there, it's fine. Fun car to drive until it turned into a tank.