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Volkswagen Cabrio (19 Reviews)
DO NOT BUY THIS CAR! LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN, DO NOT BUY THIS CAR. I honestly believe VW made this car to keep their auto shops busy. Things in the car just go wrong or break with little or no use, bought the after having it looked at and it has not been drivable most of the time. Every fix is an expensive fix...poor buying decision!
I bought my car new in 2000 . I have had very few problems. The check engine light did stay on until burned out. The back passenger side brake light has a short sometimes works sometimes not. I did have to change the vacuum pump for door lock. 13 years and 150000 miles later I still l9ve my car.
Leaks transmission fluid from the front. What do I do? Do I need the transmission rebuilt, as some say.....

2001 VW Cabrio...... will start when cold. from time to time
it will not start when warm. engine cranks fine but nothing.
I have had the car for almost a year. I had it checked out before I bought it and had to replace a few belts including the timing belt because the mechanic suggested it would be time soon enough. I LOVE the car but have to look past a few issues with it. My brake light comes on out of the blue even though the previous owner had them replaced a few months before I bought it (I saw the receipt). The drivers side window leaks and soaks the seat. Power locks no longer work which makes opening passenger side door annoying. Drivers side power window has to be rolled up twice to get it to stay up. Im guessing water leaking in that window might have caused this. Annnnd NOW the temperature light keeps coming on even though the car isn't running hot and I have filled the coolant to appropriate levels. So shop bound it is. It being winter and not being able to have the top down for a few more months makes me change my previous statement to I LIKE this car. OH one more thing...Im constantly having some sort of foam insulation stuff blown at me when using the AC/Heat. I honestly dont know how such a little car could hold that much foam!
A used cabrio is an *awesome* deal. Cheap, fun, and light, they'll toss out more performance than you'd believe - who would have thought you could get whiplash with a beater 110hp convertible? This car beats the rap of being a chick car. With a few tweaks like a modern MP3 stereo system, you'll have fun for years. I bought mine used w/90k miles for $5500 and now have ~245k miles on it!
Bought the car used with 50,000 miles on it. It now has 118,000 miles. It handles impressively in emergencies (2 in 70, 000 miles), I replaced the timing chain as scheduled and disabled the power top (big improvement). Good mileage (26 - 36 mpg).
Downsides: the heater couldn't quite keep up driving at night when it was 25 below zero. The wind noise is high over about 60 MPH. It drips a little over the left corner of the windshield in the rain. A little rust in the doors, but they salt the roads here. Reliable, fun, cheap, comfortable, my all time favorite car. If someone ran over it I would probably buy another one.
Got this car almost 2 months ago, after totalling my previous car ((Which was not a VW)) and desperatly needed a car to get to work and school. Days after buying it, I thoughrouly regretted ever spending money on this pos.

I've have to re-align the car twice already, replace nearly all of the lights, the left dashlight doesn't work, so at night I can't see how fast I'm going. ((I got some blue-light minis from walmart to replace the dashlights, those work amazing for any future references.))

A hole tore above the window in the back, so I had to plaster it closed with black silicone. ((Looks ugly now, but doesn't leak when it rains.)) Speaking of so; when it rains, the lip in my front window ((the drivers side)) doesn't catch the window, and it leaks terribly, soaking my seat.

The 'Brake' light is stuck on constantly, and thus I have to hit the steering wheel to make it go off, but it flashes back on every now and then, so I have to do that over and over again.

Last but not least, my latest problem. When I turn my steering wheel, the headlights, heat/air, and dashlights og off.
Fun fun.

So in all, unl;ess you're a Volkswagen junkie, steer clear of this pos.
see hears the thing the car looks and handles like a charm but the car has some major hidden problems like the tac will work when it wantes to or the miss fires that happen all the time other than that the car has a bold stance when you put 18" rims on it and it's fairly fast for a 4 banger.
BRILLIANT little buggy...I LOVE IT!!!!
No problems as of yet ...I get 39 mph at 75mph! Its nible and quick and with slightly wider tires than factory spec there is unlimited grip on sharp corners.
Overall, I LOVE this car. My cigarette lighter and cruise control stopped working at the same time. My motor for the top doesn't work, so I open/close it manually. But, still one of the best cars I've owned
It seemed so "cute" too bad it spends more time (and money) in the shop than on the road.
The car grows on you.
Bought this car brand new in 2002. Eight years later, still have it with no problem at all.
I bought this POS for my daughter wrongly thinking VWs were reliable. We have had constant problems with it, the most expensive, frustrating and recent being the secondary air injection system which will not allow it to pass state inspection. My one experience with Volkswagen has been a nightmare.
Bought this car used with 53,000 miles. I have had one problem after another. Just put $1,300 into car in last 30 days. Please if considering buying a Cabrio, Do not. Parts are expensive and car is unreliable.
I bought this car 4 years ago in 2005 with only 44,000 miles on it. I have had one problem after another.
First the brake pads went out at 50,000 miles, then the Seat rack needed complete replacement at 55,000 miles. Now, I was told I need to replace the throttle body and airflow sensor which will cost $1,000 and then the steering shift is loose so I will have to pay $500 to replace bushings. Car is great looking and runs good but very unreliable
how do you take out the fuel pump??? i dont know if its stuck or i have to unscrew it somewhere
Love my 98. Got it three years ago and have had to do very little, although the right rear wheel bearing disintegrated a few weeks ago, causing almost $600 worth of damage to to the rr brakes, drum and ABS sensor (had them replace both sides' brake shoes and wheel bearings) -- was too cold to do the work myself. I did the front brakes in less than an hour last summer. The AC has a leak, but what car's AC system goes this far without needing repair? Currently getting a 17990 (idle adaptation at limit) code but confident I'll figure it out. For a 2.0 engine, it has plenty of get up and go and she corners like a sports car. The automatic top is a big plus. I hope to get another 100k miles on it! Being triple black with leather, it is in no way a "girly" car.