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Question Asked: Heat Problems
January 06, 2011, 05:57 PM
Just bought this privately and the heat is horrible. I Only get heat when driving and it blows cold at idle. My friend has an 04 Altima and he has the same problem. Are these cars known for this? What could be the reason?
Question Asked: Head gasket
December 05, 2010, 07:44 AM
I'm selling my 1991 Honda Civic with a blown head gasket. I have someone that wants to drive it home. It starts and runs and little rough. If I put water in the radiator. Will ill be OK to drive?
Question Asked: Humming noise
December 01, 2010, 11:32 AM
I have this sort of humming noise coming from the front end of my car when driving. It seems to get louder when I go faster and quiter when I slow down.
Question Asked: Battery light on
September 29, 2010, 09:15 AM
My battery light just came on last night on my 1991 Honda Civic DX 4dr Auto. My battery is less than 2 years old and is a Honda Battery. Why would this light come on?
Question Asked: Steam Cleaning
February 19, 2010, 11:05 AM
Can having my 1991 Honda Civic Engine steam cleaned harm anything?
Question Asked: Rear Defroster
January 03, 2010, 10:16 AM
I have a few strips in my rear window defroster that don't heat up any more. Can they be fixed or do I have to by a new rear windshield?
Question Asked: Ignition
December 18, 2009, 09:41 AM
When I put my key in the ignition. It sometimes is very hard to turn. This morning I could not turn it at all. It was 9 degrees out. Is there something I can spray in there to make it loosen up a bit or is my key getting to worn out and that might be the problem?
Question Asked: Could not start
October 25, 2009, 10:34 AM
Last night I went out and the car started fine. I drove through a bank drive-tru and then to a red light. When I took off from the light the car sputtered and almost stalled. I was able to get the car going and went to the store. When I came out the car started and I went to back out and the car sputtered and stalled. I rolled back into my spot and the car would now not start. The check engine light comes on for a second when you go to start the car and then you here a click on the left hand side of the dash and the check engine light goes off. I had to sit in the car for about 30 minutes to keep trying to start it. While I was sitting there I notices that there was a constant cliking sound in the left hand side of the dash board. That clicking stopped and then the car eventually started. The car starts now ok, but that engine light still comes on when I turn on the key and then I hear that click and it goes off. What's going on here?
Question Asked: Tranny
October 15, 2009, 04:35 AM
I have about 99,200 miles on the car. And it's an Automatic. How often should I have a tranny service and what do they do for that service. Now that it's colder, I noticed that the car takes longer to shift until it warms up.
Question Asked: Warning sound
July 29, 2009, 10:19 AM
My seat belt warining sound and light are now going off all the time. When I open the door and slam it it goes away for 1 minute, then comes back. I tried finding the fuse to stop the annoying beeping and I found it, ufortunitly it also controls the signal lights. How do I fix this or at least turn off the beeping sound until I can get to a shop.
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