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Question Asked: 2001 Chrysler PT cruiser base idle problem
August 11, 2014, 08:58 AM
Car idles / starts rough / stalls at red lights / overheats within 10 secs of turning AC on but runs at normal temp without AC on / engine hesitates before acceleration also / Exhaust pipe sounds like a prop plate sputtering. No check engine light on DTC codes are present O2 sensor / O2 heater / Catalyst / EGR / EVAP. I've replaced the following items. Spark plug wires / Map Sensor / Spark Plugs ( the original plugs were soaked in oil) / PCV valve / Radiator / Head Gasket
Question Asked: Is my car worth repairing? need advice
April 30, 2014, 06:12 AM
Hello, I have a bit of a lengthy question and would like some honest advice I have a 2003 honda civic ex coupe manual trans with 3k left on my loan @ 6.5% apr with 189$ a month payments blue book is 5000-6000 Current repairs needed Catalytic converter ($500) Wheel bearing replacement($200) AC condenser ($225) Left power door lock actuator($100) Engine ground problem car randomly loses power and battery wont stay charged even though new alternator and new battery and a used honda certified engine were just installed 2 weeks prior (81k miles on engine) While driving the SRS light turns on and then the dash lights go dim with the car still running ive checked all fuses and engine is grounded properly? Should i just trade this car in since the parts + labor + payments cost more than a new cars payments would be?
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