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Love to work on cars and learn how they work. Only my mechanics at Wu Auto of Weymouth, MA and myself can touch my cars when it comes to repair and maintenance. My auto related dream is to restore a very old car in the future before I am too old for it!
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Question Answered: Replacing the engine oil pan
August 27, 2011, 06:55 AM
Get a dealer who can serve your car. Usually GM dealer. Check Saturn website for dealer and call them. They may need your VIN for an exact match, if there are discrepancy among all 2000 LW2 V6. I do not suppose you can buy an after market one! Or you can get used parts!
Question Answered: How is the water pump R&R
August 27, 2011, 06:19 AM
I just did it myself a month or two ago. It is quite straight forward. A Chilton or Hayes manual for your car will definitely help but not necessary. You have to support the engine before you unscrew the engine mount. I do not remember exactly each step but you need to do the following. Go slow each step and do not force anything. The following steps are needed. the sequence is roughly right, so do not force anything, try switch some of the steps. 1. remove air intake casing. 2. remove engine mount. (support the engine first!!!) 3. remove wiring around that area. (there is a screw inside the plastic cover for wires right above the timing belt cover.) 4. release serpentine belt and remove idle pulley unit. (use a ranch on the nut on the idle pulley to pull the unit inward. The unit is operated on a strong spring! It took me three hours without success and then a Spanish-only speaking retired mechanics helped me figure it out! I wished I had a manual at that time.) 5. remove the water pump driving pulley. 6. remove timing belt cover, make sure do not damage the timing belt or its settings. You may need to remove the power steering pump driving pulley. 7. the water pump is located right in the middle of all these timing belt mechanism. 8. unscrew the pump and replace it as usual..... You may want to clean the surroundings before installing the new pump as it is so close to the timing belt. You do not want any debris laying around and make the time belt jump teeth! 9. assemble in reverse order. This was what I did without a manual at time, and it is for 2000 LW2 V6. HIH.
Question Answered: oil in resivior why?
August 27, 2011, 06:03 AM
I have the 2000 LW2 V6. I have the same (similar) problem right after replacing water pump. It was leaky and missing coolant, and finally the water pump just seized. After replacing the water pump myself, I noticed an oily stuff in the coolant reservoir, paid no attention for a month and now the coolant became very foamy and definitely there is oil in it. Check engine oil level, surely it is about one and a half quarter lower! But my engine oil does not has water in it; look and smell the same. After a brief research online, someone suggested that, since no water in oil, it is most likely the oil cooler, which is located on top of the engine block, right under the air intake manifolds. I have not started to fix it yet and thus cannot confirm if it is true! Anyone else has done such a repair?
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Car Review: 2000 Saturn LW2
August 27, 2011, 07:25 AM
I bought my 2000 LW2 V6 new as lease and it runs like a champ. After lease end, I bought it off. For eleven years, it gives me no big problem. The first problem was the idle pulley broke into pieces and the serpentine belt needed to be replace. Did the repair myself. I have left the car unused parking outside for a long time (seven month through the winter)and it started right up. Replace spark plug, fuel filter, one upstream oxygen sensor... around 100K miles. Regular maintenance followed closely, but not religiously. Exhaust system still good, it is still on the original muffler. It now has 136K miles on it. I have to admit that it is not a very well thought out nor it is a well built wagon though; things break easily: high-mount stop light came off if you pull it just a bit harder, hose of the rear windshield spray cracked and broke when it only had 45000 miles...
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