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Question Asked: Door locks and trunk lock
July 20, 2010, 02:44 PM
I am sure this is a common problem Please help.. My door locks quit working and the trunk switch on the dash dosent work either... I have to slam the trunk to get it to close... Help me Please
Question Answered: engine,suspension,heating and air conditioning
July 20, 2010, 02:31 PM
I have a Cl500 as well... sounds like the rear end problem is the same as mine... the problem is that the Hydraulic system "Hydraulic pump/power steering pump" has failed in some wa... I researched and found that the shocks themselves were bad on my car so I replaced the Hydraulic shocks with regular shocks from an 87 300E "non Hydraulic... It still sits lower but now the car dosent bounce like it was... I will be adding coil spring boosters to lift it back up as soon as I get a chance... I know this is an unconventional approach how ever it was very inexpensive considering the alternative... I also had the AC problem... First if your problem is the same as mine... check to see if it is still producing cold air just not blowing... That is what mine was doing... The problem is that the blower motor is locking up.... I removed 6 screws which hold on the AC filter housing under the hood close to the firewall... There is a large filter in there that filters the inbound air... Under that filter there is the blower motor... very lightly I was able to tap on the motor and spray wd40 on it ... Majically it started spinning and now my ac works fine for the last several months ... who know how long this will last but once again ... " Better than The Dealer" I still Love my car ... I would love to hear from someone about the door lock problem though ... Havent figured that one out yet... Hope this helps...
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