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Question Asked: A/C not working; need troubleshooting help
June 08, 2010, 02:11 AM
My A/C doesn't work on my 91. The on switch does illuminate on the controls but the compressor doesn't engage. According to the last owner it was charged but had no affect. I'm suspecting electrical issues and need to know which switches to start checking for, as well as locations of said switches. I will use this truck to commute about 8 hours on the weekend for a while and could really use it on long trips.
Question Answered: removal of rear brake drum
June 08, 2010, 02:07 AM
I ran into this also on my 91. The issue for me was the shoes had actually bonded themselves to the drum. I tried backing the adjuster all the way in and pulling the wheel cylinder bleeder out; none of these worked. Worse, as I tried to force it off the shoes both bolt holes in the drum stripped, giving me no means of leverage. My final solution was to disconnect the parking brake cable at the adjuster and all mount screws for the cable, remove the brake line going into the wheel cylinder, unbolt the four nuts at the back of the backing plate (the axle mounting nuts) and pull the drum and axle out as an assembly. I drilled another hole and used a self-tapping screw (about the same size as needed for the factory holes) and the drum came right off.
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Car Review: 1991 Nissan Pickup (D21)
June 08, 2010, 01:55 AM
I traded for this truck; it's a regular cab with only A/C and power steering which is all I need. So far the truck has about 225,000 and seems to run well, though it's dog ugly and has some issues (not unexpected considering it wasn't taken care of ); the rear brakes were shot and leaking fluid for months, the body is rusting all over, the interior smells like a high school gym in the south (dip, sweat and musty carpet), the A/C compressor won't come on, several lights don't work, the steering wheel is just a metal rim and it needs front end work. Otherwise, the potential is there to make this my weekend project car. One great thing about these old trucks is the availability of junk yard supplies. I picked up a spare rim, taillight, brake reservoir cap, rear view mirror and several interior trim pieces for $40 cash. Try getting any of those at the stealership for close to that (the brake reservoir cap alone was over $20, and they had to locate one). In fact, I found several Toyota and Pathfinder rims that would fit for cheap and may upgrade to 15's at some point. Overall she's rough but is a lot fun to drive even in sad shape. I can't wait to get all the age out and get it right and road ready. Great little truck that's easy to fix and make pretty.
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