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Question Asked: Air conditioner
February 20, 2010, 10:10 AM
My dad has this car and the air seems to not be working, he took it to see if there was a gas problem but the meters for gas was just fine.... could you let me know if you have herd any problem with other cars like this... thanks .... I did not finish explaining... The air gives problem during the morning and when it is maybe cold... he has to turn on the car wait a few minutes turn it back on and so on ... nobody seems to find what is wrong.. his car is rather brand new and he is the type of person who gives maintainance and all.....
Question Asked: Outside lights....
February 20, 2010, 10:07 AM
Hi.. my mom has her GMC Envoy and we are having problems with the headlight (the ones on the outside-please forgive my ignorance, I do not know much about cars) Anyway, when we go for night rides, they simple turn off. I was wondering if you have an idea of what could be wrong.... We try turning off the car, putting it on parking, even letting it cool down for a bit but the problem continues... we have to have the stronger light on, these are the only one that work..... the inside panel stays lit .. the problem is only with the one on the outside.... Anyway, hope I am asking the question a way you may understand, please my answer in plain simple englis (~_^) thanks for your help....during the day and sometimes at night the light are not burned, they seem fine.... they tun on ok but just turn off and sometimes turns on quickly but other times takes longer to turn back on. Also, I've seem them turn off at day time but back on fast...
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