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Question Asked: Emissions system leak
April 19, 2009, 10:44 PM
I found that my vehicle has a "purge valve" it is an in-line valve having to do with the emissions system, I replaced this part to correct a vacuum leak that kept my engine light on, this worked for a bit and the light came on, I also replaced the gas cap, again the light came on, I have noticed that the rubber hoses under the vehicle are worn out and probably need replaced, do I have to drop the fuel tank and pull the engine to replace the pair of hoses, they go from the engine, to somewhere above the fuel tank... How difficult is it to remove the fuel tank?
Question Answered: Clunking noise
April 19, 2009, 10:39 PM
Hi Sharon B, I too have an '01 Town and Country with a pretty bad sounding clunk in the front end, on the passenger side, luckily my brother owns his own automotive shop and upon putting the van up on the rack, he too checked every single part he could possibly check.. After being stumped for a week or two, he had me bring it in again, and this time he discovered that the rubber bushings that surround the ends of the sway bar (and a few others) were completely worn out, much to my surprise and satisfaction, I was able to buy a complete vehicle bushings package for little more than $250, it only took a few hours to replace all the bushings from front to back, and immediately solved my clunking problem, it also seemed to tighten the steering response a little too.... Good luck with your van...
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