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Question Asked: Just replace brake booster the vehicle will not start no electronics
June 27, 2016, 12:04 AM
Hi I have a 1997 Mercury Villager I know you're busy I had to replace a brake booster on her I was driving all day everything was fine well other than the bad brake booster but it was driving just fine now so I got home and I got the brake booster from AutoZone I'll be placed it I took out the form holds the retaining clip to the brake cuddle unhook all the braking components and I'll put them both in there and I put everything back together and try to start it no lights or Electronics I have it until your turn on other than the dome lights no bending no problem the Clifton nothing like the normal sounds turning the van on but nothing happens I don't know what's wrong and I'm losing money because I'm a delivery driver please help anyone knows anything please please help
Question Answered: Van wont start
June 26, 2016, 11:56 PM
Check the. Fule. Pump or. Gas tank mine did. That till i found. Shit ton of. Tradh in my. Tank
Question Answered: van suddenly won't start after replacing the radiator
June 26, 2016, 11:47 PM
My 97 "dizzii" did the same thing I replace the brake booster and everything was working before I went I was in the van I went to go get it I brought it home I disconnected the 4 bolts and the retainer pin and I pulled out the brake booster I put the new brake booster in and I put them for both back in the retainer clip Amtrak to stop in afterwards but nothing works no dash lights no buzzing noise clicking nothing but the headlights work tail lights work interior lights work but nothing else beyond that point so what could be the problem
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Car Review: 1997 Mercury Villager
June 27, 2016, 12:18 AM
I bought this 1997 Mercury Villager a year ago and overall I love it I drove in from work and from Little Rock to Pine Bluff and back from North Little Rock to Alexander Benton and Bryant all the time I put the miles on them about her at a hundred and twenty five thousand miles and so far she is sitting at 200500 miles not too bad she is really really good there's always some issues but that's just an overtime thing for how many miles that she had and as old as the vehicle is even better yet just come to find out the vg30 motor that's built into it is also the same motor that they used in the 300ZX from Nissan I said I never had a problem out of it other than the fuel pump but I replace the fuel pump replaced knock sensor and she was like a mofo I'm a delivery driver for Domino's down and so far I believe I put at least 50,000 miles on it what says I've been driving for Domino's and that was like almost here I can give it 5 Stars overall for reliability durability and easy and cheap to replace Parts I end up punching my transmission pan on the delivery one day and we got all my tranny fluid I went to the junkyard and I could not find his name anywhere other than the one that was wrecked that part was already gone so I looked around and I look at a Nissan Sentra looks like probably 99 to 2002 same type of transmission pan fits right on no problem about 25 bucks that's and there's a few other things I had to replace light brakes brakes up front cost me $13 and I did it myself it was quick and easy but despite the star-studded but I had to take out and I was kind of expensive but that's okay am 6 foot 4 about 300 pounds now it is a little cramps on my legs I mean with wives hey I got all the woman in the world but my knees are like seriously injured that has it's kinda quiet for a premium vehicle but other than that it's stable on the road it's quick and I did some tinkering and I managed to Max it out over 125 an hour and yes to point out I deliver pizza in this thing and yes I do that well all funny Parkside bad the durability this man is remarkable they don't make them like this anymore the parts that I can find from multiple year vehicles from the D12 Hardbody to the Nissan Sentra this thing is fairly easy to get parts from I even started looking for parts from the 300ZX 1984 just give her a little bit more power bill is 5 and 4004 pounds she is quick and easy to maneuver even though it's slightly top-heavy I love this man to death and I actually do show Much appreciation to the design and work has been put into it Nissan and Ford in a bang-up job I don't know why they got rid of partnership but they did a good job issues like fuel line issues in fairly easy to do yourself he doesn't even know how you can get the part fairly easy from from the distributor to the fuel pump is easy and quick to replace there's a little bit of Banner set socket what are you can do this yourself
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