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Question Asked: I have a 95 Chev G20 Conversion Van with 83000 miles but sitting in AZ for 7 yrs
July 07, 2013, 07:33 PM
I checked every fuse in panel...all are working. Noting that the vehicle hasnt been moved for seven yrs....(1) I have no power to the passenger power window (I checked switch and have power to). (2)I have no power to the side view mirrors (I have no power to the switch mounted on the doghouse). (3)I have no power to the wiper motor and washer pump (the fuse is good). (4) I have no ceiling ( Does anyone have or had a 95-96 conversion van (Majestic) and how did u fix these problems?
Question Asked: I have a 1995 G20 Chev Conversion 3/4 ton Van (Conversion Design by Majestic..
July 07, 2013, 07:22 PM
thats been sitting/parked in AZ for the last seven years. Only 83000 miles. It was my fathers van. I tuned up engine. But trying to play electrician today....I just smoked my cigarette lighter wiring when trying to troubleshoot why the horn fuse('s) kept blowing up. Are both on the same harness? Could this short circuit issue behind the fuse panel? at the relay? or grounded hot wire up in the dash (unable to get to)? Removed, taped and trimmed back the cigarette ligter...all other wiring nearby was not burned. After repairing my mistake, i tried replacing the horn fuse w/o the cigarette lighter....still blew the fuse. Has anyone had this experience with a 1995-1996 Chev G20 Conversion van? Please help...thank you.
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