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Question Asked: so im having trouble with my car, its a 1993 plymouth sundance, 2.2.
November 09, 2013, 04:30 PM
this car is not a acclaim or a2.5 its a plymouth sundance and a 2.2 i hooked a scanner to my car and it said DTC: 17 1: coolant system temperature remains below normal(cars 1985-97) (trucks/vans) 1987-97)(jeeps1993-97) 2. knock sensor circuit problem (1985-86 turbo vehicles only) 1: so what should i do for coolant system? and 2: what should i do about my knock sensor? does my car even have a knock sensor? any help would be great. thank you.
Question Asked: car idle bounces, then when at stop sign it either stalls or it sputters.
October 18, 2013, 08:03 PM
so when im driving the car it drives good but when i get to a stop light or stop sign the car sputters and the car sounds like it wants to shut off. the rpms bounce at 500 and some time drops to 400 when at a stop. and when the the rpm gauge drops the dash lights dim a little. i replaced the IAC sensor, cleaned the throttle body, did a idle reset, put some injector cleaner in, and problem is still there. if anyone has any ideas PLEASE HELP
Question Asked: car idle drops and car dies out when at stop.
October 08, 2013, 04:42 PM
when im driving the car its good but when i stop at a traffic light, the idle rpm's will drop to 500 then shut off. but if i hold the brake and put a little pressure on the gas pedal the car stays on.and when i got it home i let it idle for a little with it still in drive and it was fine, but the rpm gauge was bouncing just a little, like it wanted to die. I did alternator check(good) load test on battery(good), and the spark plugs look good also. so what could it be?
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