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Question Asked: P0300 code for 2004 Chevy Express 2500 4.8 V8
October 06, 2010, 10:00 AM
I get flashing P0300 flashing code when driving above 60+ mph. New plus and wires, No problems with start, idle or excelleration, vacum checks ok, yet when I use Actron scanner to clear code and leave attached while driving, I will get NO Check Engine Light or freeze frame data regardless of what speed I drive. If I stop and disconnect the scanner, and resume driving conditions to exceed 60+ miles per hour the CIL will flash and lock into a solid CIL as soon as soon as I slow down to below 60. The scanner reads "ok "for all MIL's it is capable of reading when attached while driving. Could engine ground be the possible culprit, but if so why only after 60+ mph. Is there a TSB regarding this ground issue. This issue has been ongoing for 3+ months whith no change in vehicle performance.
Question Asked: reset battery indicator light
September 15, 2010, 08:26 PM
the battery indicator light will flash on and off. Its been doing it for over a year. Did system check. alternator, starter and battery all check out fine. No problems charging or running. The battery indicator light comes on goes out for 5 seconds then comes back on. When the alternator quit a year plus ago. The indicator light came on steady and gauge showed redline voltage. After replacement all works well except the on of battery light. It happens like stated above 5 seconds on 5 seconds off. Is there a procedure to reset this indicator light.
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