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Hi Iam Dave I own an 03 Ford SD 6.0 problem child that I call 8-BALL (all Black on Black) . It has alot of good days and a few bad. It has 224,000 mils on it. head studs a year ago w/ cometic gaskets,sinister EGR Delete.40hp injectors. SCT flash w/ custom pulling tunes,traction bars,duel shocks in front 4 in.turbo back to a 5in stack 6in.lift in rear and 4 in in front. I pull it at the fairs. Averages around 280 to 290 ft per pull. And it also pulls my farmall M to the pull also. amonth ago i went toe to toe with a 2012 camarrow and was side by side at the next light. not Bad! still the origanal trans. (LUCAS transfix every 2 years 2 pints)I repair and restore antique tractos for fun and profit. I have learn to do alot of the work on my truck my self. the hardest part is figuring out the codes. along with symptoms that dont throw codes.
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Question Asked: NO TURN SIGNALs
January 22, 2013, 06:31 PM
Started out in the morning with all lights working .Had a weird noise comming from under dash. Looked at dash and no turn signal arrows.Turned on emergancy flashers and only the right arrow lights.But the front right and both rear lamps work,front left not working. Replaced bulb ,still not working and still no turn signals. Replaced turn signal relay( under dash behind heater controls) box with relays in it (actualy only one)now the weird noise is gone and back to a regualer click. but still no lights . and no power to the left front, but it does have running lights. HELP! its 5 dg's out .not a good time to lay in the snow. Thanks Dave Climax MI. P.S. throwing no codes
Question Answered: running lights won't work, color matched wires with one green wire with no match
January 24, 2013, 04:44 AM
On my wire diagram it goes to remote anti theft.and the one by the back bumper goes to shift lock of yesterday the multifunction switch (turn signal) . caused my blinker and running light problems. butI think it all started with a bad turn sig.relay.(electronic flash)
Question Answered: rough idle and black smoke when accelerating
January 23, 2013, 03:11 AM
Try checking your high pressure oil flex lines on your early 03 6.0L. they are at the top of the stand pipe comming out of the HPOP to the head. the pipe comming up from the HPOP has the rubber fitting on it. Use a big fork like for carving a roast to get the coupling appart.the pipes remove from under the rocker cover, with a 3/4 in. socket.(turns Hard). the joint gets sloopy and will not build oil pressure very fast and make idling rough.also long cranks when oil is hot.Also check ijector harness for cheffing under the wire loom. seal with liquid rupper from harbor freight.(used on plire handles). gets really bad when damp out
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