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Question Asked: Mountain Driving
September 13, 2009, 07:12 AM
First I want to thank "autotechpat" for the reply to my question last week. Did what I was told and it all worked out. Now here is this week's question: driving back east from Las Vegas, taking I 40. Will be going thru some moutainous regions in AZ and NM. None are 10,000 ft elevations, more like 3200-4000 ft. Do I keep my car in Overdrive going thru these areas or do I manually change the gears? Second question and I'm going to come across as being a "dumb blond" here - but manually changing the gears - which one is for which?? Lower gear - going up or down? I"m sorry. I'm normally not this stupid. I have driven the mountains before but in an SUV and I wasn't the driver and wasn't paying attention to what the driver was doing!! Thanks for your help.
Question Asked: Maintenance 2002 Century 53,450 miles
September 09, 2009, 05:04 PM
I'm getting ready to take a road trip across the country and I have to take the car in for maintenance. I've had no major problems other than an engine mount had to be replaced. I take the car in regularly for oil changes, etc. My Ex use to take care of these things for me and now I have to do this myself. Iknow the hoses were okay in May, but I live in the desert and I don't want them going out on me during the drive. BOth the heat and AC work okay, I can't see any leaks anywhere. My "check oil soon" light goes on but then goes off after 20 seconds. What should I ask the service people to check specifically? PS In May, my front brakes were at a #5. I don't about 8000 miles a year in driving. Those are also the 2nd pair of brakes on the car. I don't want to be taken advantage of when I take the car in (I usually do go to the dealer) so I'm sorry if I'm not making myself clear but I need some help!! Thanks.
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