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Question Asked: 2002 Suzuki XL-7 cranking but not starting
February 11, 2015, 08:37 PM
I took my Suzuki XL-7 out for a short drive this afternoon then parked it for lunch. I came out 45 minutes later and started it up, but it ran *very* rough for about 10 seconds then quit. I started it again but had to keep pressing the gas pedal to keep it running, and even then it ran very rough again and died after about 6-8 seconds. I could not get it started again after that. It cranks fine, so the battery and starter are doing their job, but the engine (V6) just won't fire up. It has never done this before and there was no indication prior to this that anything was going wrong. I spoke with an ex-mechanic at Auto Zone who said it could be anything from an ICV or ECV, to an EGR valve, to vaccum, to fuel pump and/or filter, and more. I suspect I should start with the easiest thing and work my way through diagnosing the hardest component, but I am not sure where to begin or how to check any of these things. I checked for loose hoses and wiring--none of that. Any help would be much appreciated!
Question Asked: How do I remove a front hub/wheel assembly to change the bearing?
March 24, 2011, 08:30 AM
Hello, I am attempting to replace the wheel bearing/ABS sensor assy on the front left of my 2002 GMC Yukon XL 1500 (*4-Wheel Drive*). So far, I have removed the caliper, rotor, brake line/ABS line retainer bracket, axle nut, upper control arm, and all three bolts on the back of the hub/wheel assembly. How do I get the hub/wheel assy itself off? It's acting like it's rust-welded in place. I tried a slide hammer, but it isn't budging. Am I missing something? I don't see any washers or cotter pins...I thought there would be a thrust washer behind the axle nut, but I don't see feels like it is really locked-on there. Thanks in advance! Dave
Question Asked: Brake Master Cylinder: Which brake line port is primary, which is secondary?
November 19, 2010, 12:51 PM
There are two ports on the brake master cylinder where brake lines connect...referencing the picture in the link below, which one is primary and which one is secondary?,r:0,s:18&biw=1007&bih=494 Thanks! -dstrasin
Question Asked: Which brake lines go into which port on the Brake Pressure Modulator?
November 13, 2010, 01:14 PM
I replaced my front brake lines but don't know which brake line to screw back into which port on the Brake Pressure Modulator in the middle of the undercarriage?
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Problem Reported: Timing Chain Tensioner May Fail
November 15, 2010, 09:56 AM
<p>An abnormal noise from the timing chain area is likely due to a failed timing chain tensioner. This condition is generally caused by lack of oil to the timing chain guides and the guides will need replacement.&nbsp;</p> <p>The check engine light can illuminate and set a P0008 trouble code when this issue occurs. This is due to the Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors detecting that the engine timing is out of specification.&nbsp;</p>
Problem Reported: Fuel Level Sensor Failure
September 15, 2010, 10:08 PM
<p>It is common for the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank read the fuel level incorrectly. The sensor must be replaced to correct the condition. Our technicians recommend having the complete <a id="ce_77" class="ct_glossary tooltip" href="/fuel-pump">fuel pump</a> module replaced on high mileage vehicles.</p>
Problem Reported: Daytime Running Lights are Prone to Burning Out
September 15, 2010, 10:08 PM
<p>The daytime running lights are prone to burning out. Our technicians tell us that the light sockets may show signs of heat damage but usually are OK. Always be sure to use the correct replacement bulb for the best life expectancy. The new bulb recommendation for 2000-2003 models is #4114K (trade number).</p>
Problem Reported: Power Door Lock Actuators May Fail
September 15, 2010, 10:06 PM
<p>The power door lock actuators may become slow to operate or stop working completely and require replacement.</p>
Problem Reported: Heating and AC Temperature and Air Delivery Mode Door Actuators May Fail
September 15, 2010, 10:05 PM
<p>One or more heater &amp; AC <a id="ce_8277" class="ct_info tooltip" href="/heating-ac">(HVAC)</a> temperature and/or air delivery mode door actuator may fail, resulting in improper temperature or air delivery. If this occurs, fault code(s) should be stored in the HVAC control module which should assist in diagnoses.</p>
Problem Reported: Sunroof May Fail
May 27, 2010, 11:08 AM
<p>The sunroof may stop working for various different reasons. Our technicians tell us it is often better to replace the complete sunroof assembly than to try and repair the old one.</p>
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