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Established in 1993 Tim Morelock opened shop with the basic principle that good,honest and reliable service would pave the way to a great automotive repair shop with unprecedented customer satisfaction and a business that his family could be proud of and grow with. In April of 2009 Cody Morelock bought the business and told his Dad "I have it from here Dad" this makes Advanced Automotive a second generation family owned business. Cody has a fantastic crew working with him. All technicians are ASE certified Master Technicians that take personal pride in their work and how they care for your automobile. AAA approved, A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and just plain old fashioned honesty, quality, personal attention and personal responsibility for every job are among the many reasons Advanced Automotive should be your repair facility when it comes to any and all of your vehicles needs.
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Question Answered: Idling rough and now more times then not running rough no code what could it be?
November 14, 2014, 08:35 AM
Thank you for your question, As far as running rough and no check engine light there are several things that can cause this, The code PO401 and PO302 are rarely related to one another, The OBD -2 system is very accurate on this vehicle, however replacing parts based on codes and pattern failures is never a good option. The system does have the ability to go into much deeper diagnostic data through mode 6 diagnosis, this is basically serial data analysis and can pin point alot of underlying issues, The best advice I can give you is get full and proper diagnosis, then have the repairs done with a facility that backs there diagnosis AND repairs, possibilities are fuel quality, fuel supply, fuel delivery (yes they are two separate systems), intake tract issue, engine mechanical issues.
Question Answered: why does my 99 camry shake so badly when I travel more than 50 mph?
May 06, 2014, 09:24 AM
Good Morning and thank you for submitting a question. We are Advanced Automotive in Redding, Ca. A vehicle that shakes at any give speeds can have any number of things not going right, the first place is tire wheel condition, make sure that the tires are not out of round or do not have any signs of ply seperation, it could as simple as a tire balance issue, that is a good place to start. Other items could be drive axle related. Thanks again, Tim
Question Answered: front wheels wont engage in 4hi or 4lo
January 02, 2014, 03:06 PM
The way the system works on your truck is, IF the actuator is OK and getting the proper engagement command, wheel rotation must be present for the actuator to engage the drive axles, in other words if you are just lifting vehicle off the ground and engaging 4x4 the actuator cannot do its job in locking the axles in until drive axle rotation is present for the pin to engage. I assume (and I hate that word) that all circuitry for the actuator and transfer case and the mechanical condition of transfer case and front differential has all been verified as sound and functional. Best of luck Tim
Question Answered: My instrument panel lights go off and on randomly.
January 02, 2014, 02:45 PM
In reference to your question on the cost of instrument cluster replace, the number you have given does seem a bit high, but then again I do not have the vehicle in my shop for any verifications, I can say the the average cost of cluster replace on the year make and model you have described is $575 - $675. Variables do come into play, but these are some guidelines. Most importantly remember that without the vehicle in my shop any prices are just that guideline pricing. Best of luck. Tim
Question Answered: My 97 pathfinder 3.3 2wd does not fully start.
January 02, 2014, 02:35 PM
As far as your no start condition goes, a little more info is required, Now just 2 of 6 spark plugs being that will not cause your no start. You say it "turns immediately" Does the engine start then stall out or does it quit cranking over ?, Keep in mind what is required for an engine to start, Fuel, air (the ability of the engine to "breathe") and spark (spark does include proper timing). Start with the basics, check for proper fuel pressure, check for spark on 2 or more cylinders (check at end of spark plug wires please), check engine cranking vacuum. Be sure the check engine light does come on when the key is cycled on. If this gets a little to complex for you, the best investment you will make is getting it properly diagnosed at a trusted repair facility, I mean seriously, your time, frustration and monies spent of parts that have not fixed the problem....a diagnosis by a professional is a drop in the bucket. Best of luck. Tim
Question Answered: My car failed inspection because of its evap system.
January 02, 2014, 02:20 PM
In regards to a failed emissions test due to a fuel evaporation control system failure the best advice is to get into a local shop that can has the proper equipment to test the system. Did you or do you have a "check engine" or other malfunction indicator light on? The problem can range from a faulty fuel cap, faulty vapor hoses or a faulty controlled component. The best answer to your cost of the repairs question is get a proper diagnosis and an estimate in writing that once fully diagnosed and repaired you will not "fail" the evap system portion of the test. Best of luck. Tim
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