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Car Review: 2011 Toyota 4Runner
September 11, 2011, 02:25 AM
Just bought the 2011 SR5. Drove it back home 65 miles from the dealership. I miss my bucket seat from my 2003 Sport Edition. The engine is smoother since it is a five speed and not a four speed like my 2003.It looks bigger in and out. Too new to rate...But for now i give it 5 stars.
Car Review: 2003 Toyota 4Runner
September 11, 2011, 01:50 AM
Well, I finnaly traded my 2003 yesterday, it had 74500 miles and 8 years. I am going to miss it a lot. It was the Sport Edition in black. The dealership only gave me $9000 for it, and i took it with a smile! Bought 2011 SR5 since i am on a budget now. Halloween 2009 kids dropped eggs on my hood, and i had to bring my car for a paint job, went to Maaco BIG MISTAKE, horrible job and they devalued the price of my car. DO NOT GO TO MAACO! The major problem was the paint rims that peeled off after the warranty was out. You can buy replica on line for $161, factory ones are $350. Slight issue with the driver side door lock, when it was under warranty. The driver seat had a slight side to side motion that Toyota never really fixed to my satisfaction, i beleived the problem came about because of the valet parking, those guys just slam the seat when sliding it! If i was you i would get the hood protector, i am going to get it for my 2011, and maybe even the clear film for some of the paint and front lights. My 2003 had front and rear brush guards, still need to buy it for my 2011... Overall my 2003 was really a great truck, off road and all. I would tell anyone to buy a 4Runner. When the original tires need to be replace go for the Michelin! The front suspensions needed to be changed, it was getting rough down there.The reason for me to sell it, was i could not stand the fact of loosing of the car value.
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