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Question Asked: Good Battery dies after one day 2-3 starts
July 21, 2014, 02:54 PM
Sooo, my battery dies, I jumped it and got home. Wouldn't start next day so I jumped it again took it to advanced auto parts to check battery. They said the battery was not charged and had to charge it to check it. Battery check was fine, so they did the system check. With AC on and rev'ing the engine the guy said there was a larger voltage drop than normal but everything checked out in the good range. Battery was just charged so I drove my car the rest of the day, started 2-3 times no problem. This morning battery seems dead again, no start. When I first start the car it idles rough if the AC is on..low RPM then jumps up then down...sort of sluggish revving of its own...once I drive for a second the idle smooths out. I did have a high pitched, low volume squeal a month ago that squealed with the motor revs, lasted 2 weeks and has stopped...reminds me of when a clutch was going out of an AC on a ford I had a years ago. Although Advanced auto says my alternator is OK, could they be wrong? Or is there something else in my belt system to look at? Or do I have someone else test battery? Battery has 3+ year warranty 1.5 years in. Any advice is appreciated!
Question Answered: Transmission shifts late when cold.
July 21, 2014, 12:57 PM
I had a problem, mostly noticeable when shifting at interstate speeds where it would rumble for several seconds before shifting on my 98...turned out to be the transmission mounts
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