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Question Asked: SEL and CEL Flashing on and off. Only code found= U1016 (loss of coms with BCM)
May 08, 2010, 02:20 PM
Just had rebuilt transmission and picked up car today. Took in because service SEL was coming on intermittently and then would stay on after driving 30min with hard shifts and had a tranny code P1811. Also getting CEL light intermittently with RPM dropping to zero and then spiking back to normal. Got car back today and tranny shifts fine now but still have intermittent CEL and SEL lights along with RPM spiking and now getting code of U1016 (Loss of Communication with BCM). Before taking it to shop had friend look at it and he says he was getting code of P300 and P301 (random misfire and cylinder 1 misfire). Told service guy about the P300 & 301 but shop can't get these codes. Don' know what to do about this money pit car. Any help would be great! Thanks!
Question Asked: EGR Valve Replacement or Cleaning?
December 19, 2009, 04:08 PM
EGR Valves are expensive according to research I've been doing do you recommend a replacement or can you get away with a thorough cleaning?
Question Asked: Need advice
December 19, 2009, 03:57 PM
CHECK engine light came on - codes checked - was told temp sensor or thermostat. Got 2nd opinion -told me thermostat stuck open - made appt to be fixed. Next day , about 30 minutes of driving - on way to service shop the SERVICE engine light came on, (so now both lights are on) I slowed down (on expressway mind you) and then when trying to accelerate the car was like hesitating - pulled over to shoulder turned car off waited for about 1 min. Cranked car and the SERVICE engine light went off but CHECK engine light remained on . Made it almost to the service shop (at stoplight - so at a complete stop) SERVICE engine light comes on again with the hesitating. Told repair shop all of this and so they said I needed a tune up also. Since it was there I told them to change my front brake pads and change rotars. After thermostat fixed and tune up with new spark plugs and need a boot for plugs 2 4 & 6 , along with new brakes and rotors, I'm feeling pretty good about my car even though I paid about $630 for all this. The CHECK engine light is off and doesn't come on any more but later on the way home last night the dang blasted SERVICE engine light comes on again (noticed it does this after the car has been running about 30 min) along with the hesitation. I'm just about undone!!! This morning , took car to different shop because my shop is closed on Sat. and they tell me that they were able to read codes in memory (because of course the SERVICE light won't come on for them). Got codes of P0403 - EGR solenoid circuit problem and P0405 - EGR sensor "A signal"/ Low. They recommended EGR valve replacement and cleaning of ports. My question is after paying for all of this stuff and the repair shop telling me that doing this tune up and replacing the boot is going to solve my SERVICE soon light problem. What should i do? I feel that placed that supposedly repaired my car mis-diagnosed my problem and think that they should eat the cost of this new part and labor. I don't have any more money to spend on hit and miss. Please help!!!
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Car Review: 2003 Saturn L300
December 19, 2009, 03:20 PM
Seems to have more problems than other cars I've owned. Especially after warranty ran out. Something needs fixing every six months. Don't recommend buying this model.
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