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Question Asked: Blazer wont start
November 13, 2013, 07:47 PM
I bought the blazer and the guy mislead me to what was wrong with it. I got it started with a new battery coil wires plugs cap and rotor. But it just kept cranking for awhile and sputtering like it wanted to start until it finally started. Now it takes a jump to keep the battery charger enough for it to crank and sputter until it starts. It gets fuel because it floods itself. Once it starts it runs perfect though. I'm clueless please lend any advice you can. Its getting spark to the plugs but idk if it only sparks intermittently. What could this be. Took it to AutoZone and it showed a code for camshaft to crankshaft correlation fault. Replaced the camshaft positioning sensor and cleaned the crankshaft positioning sensor and it didn't help at all.
Question Answered: chevrolet blazer wont start need help
November 16, 2013, 09:23 PM
It is very possible that either the starter is not grounded to the engine block or the wires going to the starter have a short in them. Another possibility is that the relay is bad which is located under the hood in the fuse panel. Swap the ac relay and the starter relay. They are the same relays which makes this possible. Take your starter out and sand the part that the bolts go through were they touch the block. And if not the case is a voltmeter to check for power going to the starter. If no power follow the wires to make sure there is no short or break in wires.
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