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Question Asked: Update, 04' Liberty white smoke on start up
August 15, 2014, 11:07 PM
I had the current codes wrong. The are not P0400 and P0401. The correct codes are P0440 and P0441
Question Asked: What could be causing giant clouds of white tailpipe smoke on cold start ups.
August 15, 2014, 11:03 PM
Help please!!!!!! We have a 2004' Jeep Liberty 3.7, automatic, with 70,000 miles and it has a new problem with HUGE, GIANT, clouds of white smoke from tailpipe on cold start up. So much smoke the entire black Jeep disappears in it. As the Jeep runs, the smoke clears, but does not go away. There is no visible water in the oil, the ATF on the stick is clear and clean, the idle is smooth, but coolant level is dropping in the reservoir. The smoke is white, not gray, not blue, but it really does not have any anti-freeze odor; not a sweet burning smell etc. It is showing P0400 and P0401 codes which may or may not be related as those are evaporative codes, often associated with gas cap leakage etc. Did all the lifters a few months ago after having the traditional rocker arms flying off of three of 6 cyl. At that time, it was throwing P0300 codes. I replaced the water pump at that time, new coolant, synthetic oil, and used Seafoam. Every valve slack adjuster, (lifter)was seized up and the engine quit running. No overheat has been known. I have read this could be a cracked intake manifold, but in all the photos I have looked at, I cannot see any coolant passage ways in the manifold, so how could coolant be getting into a combustion chamber? I will pull the plugs this weekend for a visual inspection for water and/or rust. Any chance this could be ATF from some kind of modulator valve? I cannot find an EGR valve on the engine, so thinking there isn't one.
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