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Question Asked: Alternator testing
December 13, 2009, 03:49 PM
The vehicle died while being driven. The charge light had come on some time before. I tested the voltage output of the system at the battery. At idle with a discharged battery, engine running I read 12.5V, at speed the voltage topped at 13.4. I assumed the voltage regulator was working because it limited. The voltage seems low. I took the alternator to be tested and it showed that the alternator put out too much voltage something like 15.75 and the limit was 15.5V. I'm not sure I trust the operator of the machine as he had to try several times to move the ground just to get the test to run. 220,000 miles....any other simple tests....For $8 and some bruised knuckles I can change the brushes and re-establish connections to make sure corrosion is not the issue. Any other thoughts. Thanks.
Question Asked: ODD (irregular A/C noise)
December 13, 2009, 03:37 PM
When the A/C clutch is engaged, I get an odd irregular noise that sounds like a bolts bouncing in a can. A/C seems to work fine....the noise doesn't seem to be related to engine speed...there appears to be some metal shavings sitting around that would need to have come from between the belt pulley and the compressor. With the serpentine belt removed, I don't feel any rough motion on the belt pulley or while turning the compressor by hand. I consider removing the A/C clutch to get a better this feasible while the compressor is in the vehicle?? Any other thoughts??? Thanks...
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