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Question Asked: prolonged cranking when starting the engine only during the first start
March 31, 2009, 03:53 PM
the mileage of my crv is 47T, my spark plugs are about 5 months old my battery is new ,fuel filter and air filter are almost new,what could be the reason why i have to experience every morning when the engine is still cold,a prolonged cranking before it starts. It surely will start,only with a longer cranking unlike before when the cranking was short. Take note that the engine NEVER FAIL TO START in every attempts to make it start. The question is THE PROLONGED ENGINE CRANKING BEFORE STARTING. Could the problem be with the STARTER and if so,which of it's parts could possibly be worn out and needs replacement? An auto mechanic told me that it could be that the grease inside the starter becomes thicker when thge engine is cold or that the carbon inside might be short or thin already. I could not totally believe his theory since there is not much grease inside the starter that can become thicker to make it difficult for the armature to turn and start the engine. And if it is due to worn out carbon,then i should be experiencing this prolonged cranking all the time and not only during my first attempt when the engine is still cold in the morning. Thank you and more power!
Question Asked: prolonged cranking before the engine starts in the morning
March 31, 2009, 12:00 AM
i would experience every morning as i turn on the ignition to start the engine,a prolonged cranking before the engine starts.The succeeding ones is of shorter cranking before it starts which to me is NORMAL. Actually,it never fails to start,in fact it is "one click". What could be the reasons why is it that i experience only during the first start in the morning after being at rest overnight a longer cranking before the engine starts?
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