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Question Asked: Engine dies suddenly.
January 27, 2014, 09:16 AM
One day, as I drove along, the engine died. I let it rest for a few minutes and it started right up. It happened again a few minutes later..same thing. After that, it ran all day with no problem. Starting it up cold, it will idle for 3-5 minutes and die. After 2-3 minutes it starts right up, and runs for 2-5 minutes and dies. After starting the third time, it will run all day!!!! The code (43) pointed at the coil pack. I changed that, with no help. At the suggestion of a trusted mechanic, I changed the fuel pump and fuel help. I changed the Crankshaft sensor...still nothing. I have switched the fuel pump relay with another one, no change. Can you help me. I have no codes now, but the problem still exists. HELP!!!! Be blessed, DT
Question Asked: How do I get my interior lights to come on again?
January 27, 2014, 09:06 AM
Suddenly, my interior lights won't come on. They only come on when a door is opened. I've tried the brightness wheel by the headlight switch and pressing the light cover on the roof console. Nothing. is there a something that has them locked off? We just realized, one day, that the lights weren't coming on. Thanks for your help. Be blessed, DT
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