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Question Asked: my eclipse is in "Limp Home Mode" dtc's P0750 and P0755.
January 06, 2013, 05:50 AM
a little history on this car- I first noticed the car was slipping in and out of gear shortly after buying the car, then one day,it jerked hard, and went into limp mode, and the neutral light started flashing, and the check engine light came on.shortly after that, I started hearing a whining/light grinding noise, so I bought another transmission, re-installed it, and test drove the car,codes P0750 and P0755 (Shift Solenoids A & B Malfucntion) same problem all over........ I took the car to the dealer to have it diagnosed, they said that the Output sensor was bad, or the wiring from that sensor to the PCM was bad, or has a short, worst case, the PCM was bad. after spending $100 bill,for the short diagnostic, I took the car home and went to work. tracing and probing the wiring harnesses and connectors to find my short. I couldn't get to the area of the firewall where the main harness comes through, so I went about removing the blower motor housing and some of the duct work to get to the PCM, I wanted to rule that out of the equation. Once I had the PCM disconnected, I went back to my harness and Voila! the ground was still, I put the PCM back in place, returned the blower motor housing and went back to tracing the harness short, to make a long story short, the car has a "Sportronic" Transaxle, basically a sport shifter/dual pattern shifter, well, the wires coming from the input speed sensor,output speed sensor and park/selector switch all were black with an Orange tracer, I happened to glance at the shifter wiring, and wouldn't you know it....there was a black wire with Orange tracer. I disconnected the switch from the harness and no more grounds......I have yet to drive the car, but I am confident I found the problem. I'll dig a bit deeper into the factory service manual and see how to test/diagnose that switch. I hope I can save someone the aggravation I just went through and avoid a similar situation. So, if anyone else has a smiliar problem, and from what I have been reading, it's a very common problem with these mitsubishi transaxles. Hope this helps! Ben Smith Please let me know if there is anything I may have overlooked.
Question Asked: transmission failed
January 03, 2013, 08:51 AM
Hi! I have a 2000 Eclipse GT 3.0 with the sportronic transmission, shortly after buying the car, the trans started slipping, harsh engagement, in and out of gear. finally went into Limp home mode, DTC codes P0750 and P0755 (Shift solenoids A&B malfunction) then it started making grinding/whining noises. bought a used 60K mile transaxle, swapped it out, changed the filter (had to split the case) changed the fluid and went to test drive the car- didn't get two blocks before the car jerked and went into limp home mode. took the car to the dealer, they said one of the speed sensors wasn't being read buy the PCM, possibly a broken wire/sensor. I'll have to see what sensor they were talking about. I know there are three- Input speed sensor, output speed sensor and VSS sensor. I believe the VSS sensor is fine, otherwise my speedo wouldn't work. as for the other two, I'm not sure how to check them, I am looking into getting a factory service manual right now. let me know if you can help me out here, I'm going crazy with this car........ Thanks! Ben Smith
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