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Question Asked: Instrument panel is completely out. No gauges. Also the brake lights failed.
March 03, 2013, 05:31 PM
Instrument panel would go out come back on and now is completely out and has not restored itself, with that is the complete loss of all gauges; speedometer, rpm, gas....everything! Now the brake lights have both failed, the do not illuminate when depressed. Before all this occured we lost the radio, cd player works but only static with the radio. I dont know if all this is related or not. The car starts and runs fine.
Question Asked: Could the loss of the instrument panel(speedometer,gas gauge,backlights)be fuse?
February 19, 2013, 04:47 PM
The instrument panel in our car (2005 Pacifica) loses all function, all gauges, and backlights. We have no way of knowing the gas level, rpms, speed, engine temp., ect. The panel sporadically will come on and go back out. When it comes back on, all the gauges appear to function fine. When it goes out, it is out for long periods of time. Could this be a bad fuse? and if so which fuse #? It seems like a short but we have no way of knowing. On a side note, if this is any help at all, the radio also stopped working, the CD player is fine. The radio just gets static, but no station. I dont know if these two issues are connected but they began at about the same time. All else is well and love the car!
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