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Car Review: 2006 Saturn Vue
August 15, 2012, 09:03 AM
This is my 2nd Saturn Vue. First one was 2003 model and now have the 2006 model. I have owned 16 cars in my lifetime and the Saturn Vue is one of the best, second only to my 94 Toyota Camry. A previous writer was going off about the timing belt. This is part of your normal 80,000 mile maintenance! My mechanic told me about mine when I was close to it. He said he could go ahead and replace it (80,500 miles) or I could wait. He said if he replaced it, I was looking at about $450.00. If I waiting and it broke, it could mean a new engine. Of course I had him go ahead and do it! He also replaced the water pump at the same time because he was right at it and it wouldn't cost me additional labor. I have had some brake issues. The original set was great and lasted me about 3 years. Once they were replaced, I've had isues with squealing and grinding. Someone apparently turned my rotors too and now I've been told, you don't turn rotors on a Saturn Vue! Finally think I have a good set of pads since it's been about 6 months this time with no problems. If more people would service their vehicles regularly, I think you would hear less complaints on some vehicles. To the writer who said she needed extended warranty, beware of those!! Stay away!! Most of them won't pay out when something goes wrong. Biggest reason they use is "corrosion". It's not covered! Just save your money and pay for your repairs.
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