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Question Asked: Heater , A/C Blower does not turn off
January 28, 2011, 05:25 AM
I had my heater on high and when I went to turn the heater off, the "OFF" & "High/Low Blower Control" Settings did not work. When I turned my engine off, the blower continued to blow on high. I pulled out the fuses that mentioned anything about a/c under my steering wheel but it did not turn off the blower. The only way to turn it off is to disconnect the battery. What kind of repair am I look at here, Could this be a blower motor resistor issue? Thanks
Question Asked: Factory Installed Delco AM FM Cassette Radio is not working
August 09, 2010, 05:26 AM
I noticed the radio does not work after having the fabric on my headliner replaced. When I push the power button on the radio, I hear the speakers giving out a low static noise as it normally does. The digital display doesn't display the clock or stations, it's just black. I tried replacing the fuse with the spare fuse(not sure if the spare fuse is working) but I received the same results. Is there any wiring above my headliner that could have caused my radio to go out? Also, before I had the headliner fixed, I noticed the battery was not seated properly and moved it back into place. I'm not sure if there was a sudden power outage doing this, and I'm not sure if my radio has a locking feature when power is out. After looking into my manual, it doesn't mention any unlock codes for my radio with cassette player, but it does mention unlock codes for the radio with a cd player. Normally, when a radio is locked, it says 'loc' or something to indicate that the radio is locked. Anyone know if there is a lock? I found a picture online of the radio: How do I know if the fuse needs to be replaced, I can hear the speakers giving out distortion as I raise the volume. Should i purchase a new fuse? Is there a wire that may have gotten disconnected when the headliner was replaced? Should I purchase a nice cheap stereo receiver? Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks.
Question Asked: Car engine turned off unexpectedly
April 19, 2010, 05:03 AM
My car's engine suddenly turned off when in the park position. The second time it happened was when I tried to turn the heat on when stopped at a red light, the engine shut off. My dashboard system indicators informed me to service the engine soon. Also, I noticed when I turn on the headlights, the lights on my dash board dim a bit, but eventually brighten up. I also noticed that my radio presets have been reset, and the clock on the dashboard is incorrect. Is it time for me to change the battery?
Question Asked: Car front tire is squeeking
November 02, 2009, 08:47 AM
The car's front tire is squeaking very loudly when the car is driven in slow speeds. Here are the facts: - The front left tire squeaks when the car is in slow speeds - The squeaking quiets down when the breaks are applied - The front right tire has now started squeaking a few months after the front left tire squeaking began - On the highway, the squeaking sound is very low - When the squeaking first began, the car would squeak on and off, but now the car squeaks about 98% of the time when the car is driven on rural streets. Thanks
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