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Question Asked: why do i hear a clicking noise in top radiator hose
March 06, 2012, 06:28 AM
my truck is running hot at lower rpm. when i accelerate it gets colder and will run on thermostat temp until it shifts to lower rpm. i hear a clincking pulsing noise in top radiator hose almost as if it is a pressure build up of some sort. brand new radiator ruptured but was under warranty so i put new one in. new water pump also.
Question Asked: how can my motor be running hot when engine is at lower rpm. .
March 02, 2012, 02:30 PM
as i accelerate my temp comes down. running hotter then should but never overheats or boils over. replaced waterpump, radiator, tstat. Can this be a partially plugged cat. check engine light comes on then goes off after about 8 seconds. engine seems to never lack power. still runs but i dont want to damage engine. this is my work truck and need it asap
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