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Question Answered: car won't start
August 07, 2010, 09:59 PM
If all your electrical accessories work then the next thing to check is the starter and spark plug wires. The master cylinder wires you can check yourself, but the starter, you'll have to see a mechanic for.
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Car Review: 2005 Toyota Camry
August 07, 2010, 10:13 PM
I've had this car for 5 years now and have put on 40,000 miles, mostly in NYC pothole crazy stop and go traffic. This city is rough on cars! The Toyota has held very well. I've had to replace the original Goodyear Integrity tires ASAP as they are horrible and unsafe. I've had to replace front brake pads with ceramics at about 25,000. I've had to replace the lower arm (steering) and front shocks at 35,000 ($600) and that's all. Aside from that all I've done was 5,000 mi oil changes (Full Synthetic oil and filter), cabin and engine filters every year and I've changed the power steering fluid at about 30,000 mi. I do add fuel injector cleaner often though as the injectors tend to get clogged up. I have some major issues with the car's soft paint that dings and chips too much, but aside from that, she's been a champ!
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