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2004 BMW 324xi Manual Transmission Xeon Lights First BMW
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Question Asked: What do you wish you knew when you bought your first BMW?
February 02, 2011, 01:47 PM
Hi - I just bought my first BMW. She is a 2004 325xi and seems to be in great shape. My mechanic is fixing a few little things but shared that he thinks it has been well maintained. - What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first bought your car? Anything at all. Driving tips, maintenance tips, advise on dealing with dealer, extra keys, places to learn information, etc. - What do you enjoy most about the car? - Any changes that you made to the car after a few years that you wish you had done earlier? - Anything else? Thanks Doug 2004 BMW 325xi Manual Transmission
Question Asked: Yeah! Just bought a 2004 BMW 325xi -- Couple Questions
January 31, 2011, 10:50 PM
I finally found my BMW! Took a while but I think I found one that had been well cared for. A couple questions. - Prepurchase showed a leaking pinon seal on the rear differential. Is this an item you would suggest the dealer replace or can my normal mechanic do this job. BMW is $500. My mechanic is $200. Also, a few belts are worn (alternator, PS & serpentine belt). My mechanic is $150. BMW is saying $400. Anything special about these job that I should take it to a BMW dealer? - Car has 91,000 miles. What should I plan on doing for the 100,000 mile inspection. I know changing the transmission fluid is definitely on the list. What else? My instincts tell me that the dealer should do the 100k inspection. Do you agree? - My car has manual transmission with the original clutch. Any idea what the average life of the clutch is on a manual transmission? Does it make sense to replace the clutch at a set time/miles or just wait until it starts slipping? - Last one. Oil changes. What is the thinking of the group for miles/months for oil changes. I know synthetic is a must. Any special brand? I have a BIG grin on my face and am looking forward to enjoying the car! Thanks - Doug
Question Asked: Would you buy a high mileage (100k plus) BMW X5
January 12, 2011, 10:13 PM
I'm thinking of buying a BMW X5 with 100k to 120k miles. What do you think? My last car (not a BMW) lasted 225k miles with little to no maintenance (regular oil changes, kept up on the routine stuff and had a great "roadside" mechanic) - What do you think the average life of the X5 is? Can they easily get to 200k miles or will repairs get to frequent/expensive? - Can a non BMW authorized mechanic do a good job on BMWs? He is a generalist (lots of Honda, Toyota, and American car experience but not much BMW specific). - What main items would you tell me to look for in a prepurchase inspection. I plan to have a BMW shop do the prepurchase? What is a reasonable fee for a pre-purchase inspection at a BMW shop? - Is there another BMW model that I should consider? I need 6 to 7 seats minimum.... - Any other advice? My other car choice is an Acura MDX. Dependability is important to me.... Any and all thoughts are appreciated. Thank You, Doug
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