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Question Answered: Low beam headlamp replacement
October 21, 2013, 07:39 PM
It's really a simple task. Much easier if you access it from the respective wheel wells. Turn your wheels to have maximum access. There are covers in the front of the wheel wells you can remove. Behind that cover, you will find a round light cover/seal. Turn that to the left to open so you have full access to low beam light assembly. You will find a clip, which hooks at the top and hinges down. Pull the single plug wire and the bulb. Replace the bulb, being an H1, it will have an angle cut on the lower left of the bulb seat. Avoid touching the bulb as oils/salts from your skin will cause it to fail sooner. Reverse the extraction process and you'll be done. Takes about 15 minutes to do both.
Question Answered: faulty torque converter?
April 07, 2011, 10:34 AM
Something to consider, these are supposedly "sealed for life" transmissions and the XKRs were running the MBZ 722 series in some early 03s too. There is no "plug" per se but a fitting where fluids are added during power flush and level check, this plug also houses with wiring harness. This plug has a tendency to leak, lowering your fluid to below optimal operation levels AND the plug . It's been known that the harness can wick up the fluid into the comp and you'll get plenty of issues then. I had this happen on my 02 4.0, caught it in time and was a basic $600 including all parts.
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Car Review: 2003 Land Rover Discovery
June 08, 2010, 07:39 AM
If you bought one of these to drive around town and road-trip to got the wrong rig. Go buy some floaty American SUV. If you're an outdoor enthusiast that likes to take the road less traveled, have a passion for surfing spots in Baja that can't be accessed without a mule or is your mule. Truck ALWAYS starts...never a hiccup. It's still running a good old fashioned "buick" engine that have been rolling in Rovers since the 60's. Yep they have issues but nothing unusual. Oil leaks will develop, not much more than torquing or replacing aged gaskets. Change the fluid in the difs and tranny which is what the vehicle is all about and you'll get many years of service from it. electronics are not sophisticated, the sensors can get expensive but there are several good LR parts houses on the net. DO NOT go to the dealer after will be almost triple the cost of an independent. Rugged and ready to assault the ribbons of unpaved roads....and throw in some snow now and then. Those that complain about LRs, bought one for all the wrong reasons..they wanted some "status" symbol from a truck used by farmers the world over...come on. These are a good DIY repair vehicle on most aspects too.
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