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Question Asked: Why won't my battery stay charged.?
February 26, 2014, 09:42 AM
I have a motor with 15xxx on it new battery and alternator. Starter is only a year old. This is the 5th alternator and 3rd battery. I have checked the wiring harness and have found no breaks anywhere. My battery keeps dying every 3 days or so after a full charge. I do have a system in the car but the battery i had before this new one handled it fine never had issues like this. The dash and headlights dim lower higher when accelorating and the heat guage bounces up and down well i drive. But the heat stays the same temp. Something in the car is draining and I can't figure it out. Also I can't seem to find any ground wires on the motor itself. If I'm right there should be one from top of motor to frame. Transmission to wiring harness and one from bottom of motor to firewall. Would not having these wires on there cause any of these problems? Any answers would help.
Question Answered: My car screeches badly from the powersteering belt pulley area
February 26, 2014, 09:48 AM
Mine was doing the same thing and I replaced the pump 4 times and nothing worked. My bearing in my water pump turned out to be the problem and because it was bad it was causing my alternator to fail In return not making the power steering pump work correctly. try listening to your pulleys with a LNG screw driver well someone else turns the wheel causing it to squeal. Also pull belts and make sure up Let's are clean.
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