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My husband is a highly-skilled mechanic; automotive electrical as well. I am his WrenchWench, number 1/assistant.
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Question Asked: 2004 Pacifica: Weird combination of Codes
August 08, 2014, 09:04 AM
2004 Pacifica: Weird combination of Codes: P0032, P0461, P0700, P0562 ( I know what the codes refer to ) 1) Check engine light is on 2) all other gauge behavior is normal ( temp/rpm/gas/oil ) 3) when you turn car off, and then back on, when it is sitting, it looks like a dead battery/will not start. 4) Jump battery it starts ( at times jump will not work ). 5) battery tests out to be ok 6) alternator seems to be ok 7) gas gauge is accurate, no fuel system problem, not sure why P0461 is showing a problem 8) have had intermittent problem with car idling rough, then going off, at drive-in windows, bank 9) have had a few ( recently ) incidences of very slow speed at initial forward ( normalizes in a few seconds, speed increases normally ) 10) no fluctuation in speedometer at any time, normal 11) overall driving is normal, but am not taking it out as of today My husband is an experienced mechanic, but this one is a bit confusing. Any suggestions? WrenchWench2
Question Answered: Had new tires installed. Ever since " service tire system" message has been on.
August 08, 2014, 07:56 AM
Sounds like your tire sensors are disconnected, or bad. Most places try to replace all these sensors when they mount new tires; but you don't have to.
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